Thursday, January 24, 2019

Checking In

I'm finally letting myself start a new project, since I'm supposed to be off my foot.  It''s a project I've wanted to do for awhile, actually.  Last year on Instagram @stephjacobsondesigns had a Plus block quilt-along that I really wanted to do, but didn't have time for.  So, now is the time!  If you're interested, you can see more about this on Steph's blog here.

Here is the diagram of the Plus block I'll be doing.  This makes a 10"block, which makes math for the quilt really easy!  Always a "Plus" in my book!  Hee hee! One could use a jelly roll for this, but I'm working with half-yard pieces and cutting my own strips.

Here are the fabrics I'm using.  They are Ombre Confetti Metallic Dots by Moda, that I found on my trip to Missouri last year.  I fell in love with them, and have been searching for a pattern to use that would highlight the ombre aspect.

I'm using Low Volume fabrics in the backgrounds, as I love Low Volumes.  My Low Volume quilt is one of my favorites.  They're so perfect for a  more interesting background too and there is a lot of background in the Plus quilt.  I've collected a good-sized group of them over the years.  This is just some of what I'm using.  Right now I have a table set up in the living room and I'm just cutting fabrics.

the start
First block

Here is my first "practice" block.  I've learned to make a practice block before I get too far along, just to make sure everything is copacetic.  Doing that has saved me some grief over the years!    

I've got one more stack of fabrics to cut up and then I can start sewing!  Yay!  I can't wait, although to be truthful, I love cutting fabric.  I could do it all day.  I find there's something quite soothing about chopping up big pieces of fabric into small, usable pieces of fabric.

As you can see from this photo, the Orthopedic doctor has given me a cast.  This is my very first cast, although not my first broken bone.  The cast is made from fiberglass now, so much lighter than the old ones, I understand.   I''m not in any pain, just some discomfort.  And it's awkward.  And because I'm terrible at crutches and they're killing my arthritic hands, the doctor prescribed a knee scooter for me.  

I saw this on Facebook and it made me and my son giggle.  So when I got the knee scooter, my son promptly dubbed it the "Kneelie Wheelie".

My "Kneelie Wheelie"

This is a lifesaver!  I've gotten pretty good at getting around with this.  Unfortunately, we live in a 2 story house.  So, I go up and down the stairs on my bum, and generally do that only in the morning and at bedtime.  Upstairs I get to use the crutches, so I don't spend much time up there.  Our old kitty Shade, who won't come out of our bedroom because he's terrified of our son's dog, isn't too happy with that arrangement!  Poor baby.

So, in 4 weeks I get the cast off and get another Xray to see if the break is healed yet.  If not, then another cast for a couple more weeks.  I'm hoping and praying that 4 weeks will be enough!   In the meantime, I hope to make some progress with my new project!

Monday, January 07, 2019

Rainbows On A Cloudy Day

Yay!  I have finally finished and am able to post my project that I started back in March of 2017, in a class (the last class!) with Gwen Marston.  You can see where I started this project on this post.  

I actually had this finished for the guild quilt show at the end of September, but this is the first it's been posted anywhere.  It's so difficult to get a decent photo here - it's usually so dark and gloomy.

Rainbows On A Cloudy Day
37" x 45"
Hung sideways at the quilt show

That's why I call this quilt "Rainbows On A Cloudy Day".  It's cloudy here, more often than not.  I've also never seen so many rainbows as here in the Northwest - more than I've ever seen anywhere else I've lived.  No matter how many times I see a rainbow, they are always magical!  

I actually picked out the colors for this before I'd decided what pattern to use.  That was my sister's suggestion, as I had no idea where to start for something for this class.  I was a little intimidated to use only solid fabrics!  

So I decided to break out of my usual color palette and try something a little different.  I picked what seemed to me like kind of tropical colors.  The grey background came about because I was using a grey wall at the workshop to pin up my blocks on, and I really liked how the dark set off those colors.

You can see here that I used a little bit of the raw edge "fluff" on a few of my middle squares.  Just something fun and different to do.  I probably could have used more.  Oh well.

And I like Gwen's idea of letting the colors "bleed" from one area to another.  I think that makes the blocks a little more interesting.  I also randomly changed colors in a number of the rounds in the blocks - again, just something fun and interesting.  

And for the back, I used a piece of fabric that had been given to me.  It was just the right size!

I quilted this in a hurry, to be done in time for the quilt show.  But I think it came out OK in spite of that. Those not-real-straight straight lines do take some time to quilt!  And then I decided, for something a little out of the ordinary, to have the quilting lines turn the corner in the border.  The quilt crinkled up pretty well and I haven't even washed it yet.  

This ended up being a little too big for the space I had in mind, so it doesn't have a home to hang in yet.  I'm still thinking of where to put it so I can enjoy it.

On a personal note, the MRI I had last Wednesday told me that I have a broken ankle!  It's a very difficult-to-see incomplete fracture.  I now am using crutches and have a boot to wear to support the ankle.  I see the Orthopedic doctor next week.  And actually the ankle feels better than it has since the accident.  Some of that is staying off of it, like I'm supposed to, and some it is ?  Maybe healing?  That would be nice!  It will be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say.  I'm not enjoying the crutches, and I'm not really enjoying the forced inactivity either.  I want to go sew!  I keep telling myself to be patient.  Wish me luck with that!  Hee hee!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Bye Bye 2018! Hello 2019!

I'm trying to post more often now, because Instagram is fun, but it's like eating fast food when what you really want is a home-cooked meal.  I've missed blogging and the blogging community.  I love reading everyone's blog posts and seeing what they're doing, and I love sharing what I'm up to and what I'm making and, of course, getting comments from everyone.  They really make my day!

In case you don't do IG, here is the collage of my most favorited photos on Instagram.

And yes, that's me in the middle!  It may be the only picture you see of me.  hee hee!  And lots of wonky stars this year.  More on that in another post.

And here is my Year of Color, based on my Instagram posts this year.

It's a collage of all the colors from my all of my 2018 posts, based on frequency and most likes.  Whatever it is, it's fun to see.  Here is the link for Year of Colour, if you're on Instagram and want to try it.  (it seems they only do IG)

I'll still be posting on Instagram in 2019, but I'm also going to try to post more often here as well.  Hopefully I'll get more sewing/quilting done in the new year, so I actually have something to share.  I've got lots of plans. 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 is a good year for all, with lots of quilts and quilting!

Happy quilting!