Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013 - Whisper

I love this time of year!  Autumn is in it's full glory here in Western Washington, the weather is turning cooler and it's time for the best quilt show of the year - Blogger's Quilt Festival!  

The festival is open to everyone, and there are so many beautiful quilts to admire and be inspired by, not to mention, "meeting" new-to-me bloggers!  If this is your first time visiting Indigo Threads, welcome!  I hope you'll come back often.  And if you're familiar with my little blog, welcome back!

"Whisper" 69 1/2 x 85 inches - all ready to snuggle up with!

Here is my entry in the Scrappy Quilt category.  This is my version of a "low volume" quilt.  I was intrigued by the idea, as so many of my quilts are done in bright and/or intense colors.  

some of the awesome quilting my LA'er did

I was amazed that I made this all from my stash.  Who knew I had so many light fabrics??  *grin*  I used true scraps, fat quarters, and I also cut  pieces from some yardage as well. 

There are new fabrics and old fabrics, pastels, novelties, 30's reproductions, conversationals, shirtings, polka dots (of course!) and even some of my hand-dyed fabrics.  And lots of cat fabrics too!

You name it, if it was white, off-white, light tan or pastel it went in here.

The only fabrics I bought specifically for this quilt are the border and backing fabrics.

These were my first two blocks.  I got the pattern from the book "Successful Scrap Quilts" by Margaret Rolfe.  These are very easy blocks - just cut strips 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches.  And no matching of any seams when things get sewn together!  Whee!  Just easy-peasy.

I started this quilt almost a year ago, here.  I've shown, on the blog, some of the progress on this quilt over the last year.  I actually had this finished at the beginning of the month so it could go in our local quilt show, but I was wanted to show the big finish on the blog for the first time for the BQF.

the back of "Whisper"

The quilting can be seen in this photo.  I asked my long-armer, Shari, to do free-hand hearts and flowers, since this is such a "girlie" quilt.  I love her quilting on this - it's perfect!

Here is more of an all-over shot of the quilt.  My poor DH is struggling to hold it up, as it's so big!  It's definitely big enough to wrap up in.

I can't wait to start reading my book and snuggling up with "Whisper".  

Follow this link to see my other entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival, The Halloween Quilt, in the Bed Quilt category.

If you haven't had the chance yet, hop on over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival and take a look at all the wonderful quilts to be seen!


  1. Oh how fun to get this finished up in time for the Festival! Love this quilt! It's really a different experience to work on a low-volume quilt isn't it? Congrats to you for your new finish.

  2. Lovely, inviting quilt. What a great block. I like it when there are few matching seams. Love your Halloween quilt also.

  3. Love this quilt. It looks so much more random than the blocks you showed. I love that. I am not sure about making slabs of fabric this would be much easier for me. What a great quilt I love the quilt that has anything goes for a scrap quilt. Wonderful work!

  4. This is such a pretty quilt and I love the name, it's perfect!

  5. This looks so complicated and awesome! And the quilting is fun too. I didn't see the block design at first--I thought you had just put together everything at random. Lovely finish!

  6. Lovely ! Normally I'm drawn to bright, vivid colours - but your quilt is a perfect example for a strong design in muted tones. Love it !

  7. Congratulations on a lovely, low volume finish! Very nice!

  8. Hi Sharon! I LOVE this quilt. You totally succeeded in making an inviting low volume scrap quilt. I struggle to get contrast in my blocks most of the time but at the same time a whole quilt that's low volume would be a challenge I think. Well, in this light/pastel palette anyway. Still, yours makes me want to have one to snuggle under myself!

  9. This looks amazing! I love it. I have yet to do one but this makes me want to put it on my list of must do's for 2014. Thanks for sharing your quilt.

  10. Wow, this is awesome! I don't think I have very many light scraps, or I would be starting one of these for my next quilt! I love it.

  11. J'adore votre low volume quilt !!! wonderfull, magnifique


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