Sunday, March 03, 2019

Slow Progress

It's been a slow month around here.  Just hobbling around, trying to heal up the ankle I broke.  I have finally graduated from the cast and crutches to a walking boot.  It's big and clunky, but at least I can get a shower now!  I've had it for 2 weeks now, and another 2 weeks still for sure.  After that, I get re-checked.  I hope it will be healed then!

We had about 12 inches of snow over a 2 week period (which is a tremendous amount for here) and I didn't go outside for quite a while.  I wasn't going out there with crutches and bare-naked toes!  I was very happy to stay in and sew.  My dear hubby did all the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.  What a nice vacation for me!  He got grumpy because he didn't have time to go make pottery.  I just smiled.

We moved some of my sewing supplies and my travel machine downstairs so that I could sew.

Real Life is messy

This is "supposed" to be the dining room, but we were using it for a lounge/music room, as my piano is in here too.  But our DS needed some room for his art and writing space, so now that's what the room is.  So he's sharing with me.  I cut fabric and sewed at the table, and then I had the iron and small ironing tray to iron on across the room.  It was quite a process to get to the iron on the Kneelie-Wheelie or the crutches, but I managed it.

I was trying to do some sewing so I didn't go completely nuts with the forced inactivity.  I couldn't sew too long at a time, but I got a surprising amount done in-between elevating my foot!

The first few blocks I made.

And then there were more.

And today when I laid the blocks out on the bed. I now have 41 Plus blocks.  I need to make one more and then I can start putting the blocks together into a top that should be 60 x 70 inches..  That lump in the upper left hand corner of the bed is Shade sleeping under the covers - his favorite day-time sleeping spot. It sure makes laying out the blocks a little challenging.  Hee hee!

I sent my son to Ben Franklin's to find some handwork for me to do.  He brought me some plastic canvas and cotton yarn, and so we both made coasters. The old ones I have are about 20 years old and boring.  I'm sick of looking at them, so this was fun.  I made the 4 on the bottom, DS made the 5 on the top.  I have one more to do, and I'm thinking of what I want to do for the last one.  These are way more fun to use than the old coasters!

Another thing I did was to finally finish the weaving on this little woven bag I started 2 or 3 years ago.  I got disgusted with it and didn't really like what I was doing.  I think I don't care that much for the colors.  This is the side that was the outside on the loom.  You can see all my starts and stops.   

And then I turned it inside out.  It looks better!  I still don't like it much though.  I still need to finish the top edge, but that involves going in the quilt studio and I can't do that yet because we moved a bunch of stuff from the bedroom into the quilt studio so I could get around in the bedroom with the crutches. So now the studio's full of stuff that I can't maneuver this boot around.  Sigh.  I'll get in there eventually.  When I can get around without the boot, I'm going to clean my quilt studio.  It desperately needs it!  And I need to be back in there, sewing!

Happy quilting!