Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Bits

Time has gotten away from me, and it's been too long since I posted anything.  I've been so busy, but I did manage to squeeze in some sewing.  Now that the darn taxes are done, and I can manage to deal with the heaps of paperwork in the office, hopefully more sewing and blogging will happen around here!

Here are a couple of string blocks that I made for the Half Log Cabin Challenge over at the String Thing Along blog.  They were fun to make because I got to use some of my bright strings.  Jeanne will be putting them into a quilt for a domestic violence shelter in Southern California.

Here are my March blocks for the Country Threads On-Line Sampler Quilt.  I'm all caught up now, and looking forward to doing the April blocks.  Sorry about the wonky photo - I seem to be completely unable to put the blocks up on the design wall in a straight line!

Here are the blocks for my Low Volume quilt.  There are 80 blocks here!  I'm hoping I can get these put together into a top next week.  I'm excited to see these done.

I finally got started on my color challenge quilt for this year!  Yay!  My color is orange, which has to be the dominant color of the quilt, and we have to add an accent of the color that is opposite on the color wheel, which in this case is true blue. And we're supposed to use either white or black as the neutral.  I hope these are all close enough to a true orange to work.  They look a little closer in Real Life.  The blocks will finish at 4 inches, so not a big quilt.  There are no size requirements other than "at least 9 x 12 inches".  I like the way these look!  They remind me of how 50/50 ice cream (vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet) taste in my mouth.  Just that juicy burst of orange!

Here are my rejects.  I got the center square wrong in the upper right block, the upper left and bottom blocks are too reddish, and something about that center block just disturbs me.  Somehow it reminds me of a spider!  Eww!

I got new glasses the other day and can finally see the TV from my chair.  And even better, I got new computer glasses and can see the computer screen without squinting or sitting too close.  What a difference!