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To receive updates of Indigo Threads blog by email:

1.  On the left-hand sidebar, scroll down to the third item from the top where it says “FOLLOW INDIGO THREADS BY EMAIL” and under that there is a box that says "email address" in greyed-out letters.  Type your email address into the box.

2.  Click on the “SUBMIT” button.

3.  A new window will open and you will be asked to type in some letters you see there.  Do your best and don’t worry if you can’t tell exactly what those letters are.  If you get them wrong, you’ll get another chance!

4.  You will then shortly receive an email at the address you submitted.  There will be instructions in the body of the email on how to activate your subscription.  You must do this step to receive the email updates.

5.  After that, you will receive an email from “Indigo Threads” when there is an update on the blog.   In the email, the title of the blog post will appear (it’s blue in my email).  You will see only a portion of the post on the blog.  Click on the title of the post, which is a “hot link” and it will take you to that particular post on the blog where you can read the entire post.  If you don't receive the email, check your "spam" folder to see if it's there.

6.  If you decide later that you don’t want this feature, there will be an “unsubscribe” option in each email you receive.

If you need any further information or help on subscribing to the blog, leave a comment in the "comments" below with your email address and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello, I can not Find the subscripe by e mail .
    But I would like to subscribe.


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