Friday, February 05, 2021

Blogiversary and Catching Up


It's my Blogiversary today, marking 13 years that I've been doing this blogging thing.  I kind of slacked off/flaked out on it last year.  2020 was not my favorite year.  Was it anyone's??  I doubt it.  It seemed to be a year of nothing but bad news.  I'm glad it's over!  2021 seems more promising. *fingers crossed*

But on to more fun topics!  Quilts!

Let's see, what have I been working on?  

I've made more Urban Chicken blocks (link to pattern click here),but not enough for a whole quilt yet.  This is the latest photo I have, but I actually have more blocks made than this.  These blocks are fun to make.  I'm limiting myself to only using fat quarters for the blocks and I'm using up some random white-on-white fabrics for the backgrounds for the flying geese, that I call the "chicken beaks."  It's been slow going for some reason.  Other projects are calling me louder than these blocks are.

I was really in the mood for some Improv quilting.  This block, from Rayna Gillman's book "Create Your Own Improv Quilts" was my inspiration.  I was really in love with her cover quilt and wanted to make my own.    Above was my first four blocks.

I played with some other layouts, just for fun.

This is the finished top.  I apologize for the crappy lighting.  We have terrible light here in the Pacific Northwest during the winter, as the weather is usually dark and raining.  I promise I'll get a better picture when I can.

I don't know if you can tell, but I actually ended up using two different shades of the grey background, (which looks more tan in this photo).  I thought the two greys were the same fabric when they were on my cutting table.  I decided to just go with it.  More improv-y!   Hee hee!

This is a detail photo with a little better light so hopefully you can see the colors better.
I had a lot of fun making this little quilt.  I used all scraps for the solid colors.  And I had a lot of the black&white fabrics to choose from.  I really like the pop the b&w's give!

Last week both my husband and myself got cataract surgery, on both eyes. (different eyes on different days)  It was kind of a stressful week that we're both still recovering from.  It was a shock to see the difference on the day after the first surgery, when one eye had been fixed and the other hadn't yet had the surgery!  It was like comparing a regular incandescent light bulb with an LED light bulb!  With the "old" eye, the world looked like photos from the 1970's , all yellow and kind of sepia-toned.  The "new" eye had a very blue cast to it.  A week later, my eyes (and brain) are finally getting adjusted to the new look.  

This may make a big difference to my quilt making now, or at least how I pick out colors.  I'm not doing any fabric choosing for about another week, just in case!  This has been quite an experience. However, I'm really glad I had the surgery done.

I'll be back with more quilting adventures soon!


  1. It's nice to see a post from you and your improv quilt is fine, those strong colors against the gray. It's fun to play around with different layouts. That is interesting about your cataract surgery and the difference you noticed!

  2. It’s nice to see your quilt projects coming along—both of these are looking good as well as fun!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Your improv. quilt blocks are coming together nicely.:)

  4. Wonderful quilt design. Finished very well!!! Anyway, Broadway Fabrics is here with an amazing Quilt Patterns from Notions Supplies. Check the dazzling range now!

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