Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gettin' Wooly Around Here

Here's my first blooming Rhododendron of the season.  We've had the coldest spring on record, and things are slow to get going.  Except, of course, for the pollen, which is about to kill me.  It's pouring tonight, and still cold enough to need a sweatshirt, with the heat running.  June???  Hard to tell!  But by Saturday, we're actually supposed to be in the mid-70s for the 1st time!!  Maybe DH can get his poor tomato plant in the ground soon, instead of on top of the china cabinet!  (otherwise the cat will chew it.  Dumb cat.)  And I really don't mean to complain.  At least we're not having floods, tornados, snow or any number of ugly weather events that other places are experiencing.  Not to mention way-too-hot temps!  Guess I'd better not complain, huh?  Sorry 'bout that, chief. 

Here's where the Wooly comes in. . . .

My sister sent me this table mat - just because!  I love it!  It's perfect for the table where we eat all the time.

Look at all the fun she had!

Now I just have to keep the cats off of it.  Apparently, her cat Zoe was on it and it smells like her, which the boys find very interesting.  Lots of sniffing going on, and some sitting/laying on.  So far it's only on the coffee table.  Maybe when the good smell wears off, I can actually put it on the table.  *grin*

Here is some wool applique I've been working on.  I've really been searching for the pattern,  because I'm ready for the next step.  I just could not find it!  After searching through everything twice, I finally found it "hiding" on the cutting table.  Egads, I hate when I do that.  But now I can get this done!  The pattern is from the book "Farmhouse Quilts: Baskets & Patches" by Liberty Homestead

My friend K~ did the embroidery for me in exchange for some pottery.  I used some hand-dyed wool (grape!) I bought in January, and the base fabric is a light blue linen that I was originally going to make into a top.  I'd rather do quilting with it!  It's really nice to work on. . . I love the way it feels.  I can't decide if I'm going to frame this or make it into a little wallhanging.  The pattern is for a pillow, but I don't want to make it a pillow.  And it's not very big, so a pillow that small will get lost at my house.  Soon it will be . . . something!

Here is the state of my applique from my class with Gwen Marston.  I decided to go with fusible (Misty Fuse), and I'm doing a running stitch around the appliques.  Very folk art-y and fun.  I don't do much hand work, and haven't done it for quite awhile.  So, this is something different, and I'm enjoying it.

Now I'm trying to decide which stitch to use on the outside edges of the flowers.  Can you see the stitches?  I'm tired of the blanket stitch, and think I'll go with more of the running stitch.  But I think I'll increase the number of threads I'm using so the stitches will show up better.  This is getting closer to done, and I'm starting to consider border options.  I haven't quite decided what size I'm going for here.  So, I'll be thinking of all the options for my projects while I finish up all this stitching.

And really, all of this handwork is "busy" work while I avoid working on my challenge quilt.  Ahem. . . .cough, cough.  Just a little stalling, eh??


  1. You could join in the Liberated Round Robin, using the block as the centre.

    Love that table mat.

  2. Your blooms are lovely! I was so happy when it finally warmed up here, and then it warmed up TOO much, lol - but we're back down in more reasonable temps, thank goodness. What a lovely wool mat is so pretty, what a great sister you have! I love your little grape basket, too darling.
    LOVE your applique - a running stitch looks great on it. How is the mistyfuse to work with? I really want to try it.

  3. Your flowers are fabulous. I love the showy stitching around all the pieces. Very fun! Merrie did 1/2 sq's all around and it looked great. I'm binding in the same fabric as the background with no borders. Keeping it simple. Yes, I might plant some veggies this weekend too, the sun really does exist!

  4. Absolutely great applique. I sometimes embroider my applique with embroidery threads. Love the talbe mat.


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