Tuesday, March 08, 2011

All done - whew!

I got Lorelei's name banner done in time!  It really went pretty quickly, once I buckled down to actually doing it.  And then I stalled on the quilting, which also went really fast once I did it.  So, pretty painless this time.  The letters keep getting easier and easier.  I quilted this in hanging diamonds, which took me a few minutes to remember how to do.  LOL

And Lorelei loved it!  She was so funny.  When she came over, she checked out the wrapped presents (of course!) and then announced that she thought the soft package was probably a quilt for her.  *grin*  She's 6.

The snow is all gone, and I'm starting to see some signs of spring around town.  I saw some crocus blooming in town the other day, and today we had some sunshine and got up to 50*f.  So, there's hope.  Yay!  I'm getting tired of winter, like most of the rest of the country.

The local quilt guild makes a quilt every year for the local community art gallery to auction off to raise funds.  So I did my part this year.  We were given the black fabric and asked to do something with the theme of music.  I was given a fat quarter of the black fabric, so I did 2 blocks.  This one is called Rising Star (courtesy of The Block Book by Judy Hopkins)

This is my 2nd block, called Domino Net (from the same book).  The star block got some of the "music" fabric upside down, but I got it all going the same direction in this block. 

Oh, and my big news!  I entered a giveaway over at the Selvage Blog and won!  I won a 6 months subscription to The Quilt Show!!  Whoo hoo!!  Thanks, Karen!


  1. fun name banner and blocks. congrats on the giveaway win.

  2. Fun blocks with fun fabrics....perfect!

    btw I won too!!! I am very excited and really looking forward to watching these quilting shows........now this is my kind of "reality" TV :-)

  3. Nice name banner! I had fun seeing what those Domino Net blocks would look like laid out together -- kind of a neat pattern.
    Congrats on the win!!

  4. OK, another project for my future--name banners--and those blocks are really great, I love the color scheme

  5. Congrats on being the winning entry! Love Lorelie's quilt. I am glad the snow is finally melting. Spring is just around the corner now.

  6. Great name banner.

    Lovely blocks and I love that musical fabric.

  7. I love the rising star block with that music print for the background!


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