Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Doodle Bug

Remember my Doodle Bugs? You can see them here. Well, this is the latest version of the Doodle Bug. DH made this one out of pottery and it's intended to be yard art. It's about 8 inches long. I think "he" came out really cute!
We're having great weather yesterday and today. We finally get to see the famous mountain here in Western Washington - Mount Rainier. So I had to snap a picture. (Sorry, the sky is still pretty hazy, so the photo isn't the greatest.) You can see that the mountains in the foreground still have snow on them. They got nice fresh snow on Wednesday (see previous post). Today everyone was out mowing their yard and doing other various yard work today. The weather was

just too nice to stay inside. Unfortunately, it's not supposed to last. Showers by tomorrow evening and then by Tuesday our high is only supposed to be about 48 degrees. Wow, spring just can't seem to stick with us. I can't believe it's almost May! *sigh* DH has spring fever badly. Tonight we BBQ'ed hamburgers in the fire pit - just like camping! They were yummy - and then we HAD to do marshmallows too!

We have lots of noisy frogs and tiny baby ducks in the pond, so apparently they think it's supposed to be spring! Some day. . . .


  1. DH's doodlebug is darling. I can see them traipsing all over your yard.

    I love the pictures of the fields of tulips also. I really miss the fields of gladiolas we had in the past. Now they are condos, or tract houses, or something like that.

  2. Your doodlebug is so cute.

    My daughter visited Holland while she was living in England and your pictures of the tulips remind me of the pictures she sent me. I would want to be out there with my snippers and take a bouquet home with me.

  3. Love the photos! And the doodlebug is so cute. The English love to put fun things in their gardens. So far I only have a funny looking frog!

  4. Oh my gosh!! I love the doodlebug. He's adorable. Beautiful Mt.Rainer with a fresh coat of snow. I'm wishing some springy weather for you ;o)


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