Saturday, March 01, 2008

Doodle Bugs

As promised, here is my new little creation: The Doodle Bug! This came about through a doodle that DH drew for our granddaughers. It was a little exercise, kind of like looking for shapes in the clouds. He drew a full-page doodle, and when he looked, there was this cute little bug-like creature! All it needed was legs, antenna and eye.

I thought it would be really cute in fabric! Well, I used Heat 'n Bond Lite (all I could find), and then remembered that you need to sew down the edges. Rats! The little legs and antenna might be 1/4" wide - waaaayyy too small to do that (at least in my opinion). So, the first two Doodle bugs are on their own little quilts. I sewed down the middle of the legs and antenna, figuring they're never gonna get washed or worn if they're on the wall! I made a little 6 inch quilt and just quilted the outside edge. I tacked them to some black fabric that I then wrapped around an 8 inch stretched artists' canvas.

They are ready to hang on the wall and will go home with the girls on Monday! Now DH is making some Doodle bugs out of clay for yard art.

This is Doodle Bug #2. I'm not entirely happy with Doodle Bug #2. He's a little dark for the background he's on. That's why I added the gold dots - to help him show up more.
Now I'm going to try them in fabric again, with a better fusible that's no-sew. I'm gonna try Misty Fuse - I haven't used it before. I think I'll do a small wallhanging, and this time I'm thinking of using non-batik fabric - possibly polka dots.

This little quilt is my daughter's first or second quilt (I can't remember which). She was 18 when she paper-pieced the 4 inch stars, using fabrics that matched the valance and comforter on the futon in the computer room. I think it's excellent for a first attempt. She even quilted it herself! She's asked for it to come live at her house now. I think that's a good idea, but I wanted to show it before it leaves here for Nevada! It's actually more intense colors that what shows here. I don't know why it's so washed out.

Here is my attempt at Bonnie's Maverick Star block. This was a lot of fun and very easy. I'm thinking there will be more of these in my future! Thanks, Bonnie!

And speaking of Bonnie, here's the blocks that will be on their way to North Carolina for her "house-warming", thanks to Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting. I made a wonky
house block for Bonnie, and am throwing in a few crumb blocks that I had made. I think the house is pretty funny, and I love the way it looks like the chickens are having an after-hours party!


  1. Sharon - I like your house block, wonkyness and all. The chickens are trying to recover from the party, I think. They look a bit woobly! Your doodle bugs are so cute. If I volunteer to be an adopted granddaughter, will you make me one?

    PPQ (Passionate Purple Quilter)

  2. cute bugs - that's a great idea about using a stretched canvas to finish them. great maverick star - fun to see one with brigher colors. speaking of brighter colors - woohoo, look at those crumbs! very fun and great house too. I'm glad you were a rebel and went with the blue background - that will be a fun accent in amongst the others.

  3. Why don't you just use a wide satin stitch for the legs instead of fabric?


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