Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Little Charmers

These two ducks often come into our yard. They just kind of wander around, then go back into the lake. They seem to be "paired". They're always together, wherever we see them. They look a little mis-matched to me, but I won't tell them because I don't want them to think I'm "duck-ist"! *grin*

My poor hostas took a beating last night. They have held up really well throughout the crazy weather we've been having (rain, hail & snow). Unfortunately, they don't do so well after being trampled by a Labrador! We had somebody's Lab in our yard last night who apparently had what DH thinks was the Blue Heron "cornered". He was running in circles, yipping at something around 11:30 last night. I kept hearing him and wondered what was going on. So DH went out with the flashlight, and saw something big fly off into the trees on the island. The Lab was very proud of his bird-finding skills, but had to be asked to please go home. I didn't know until this morning that he had squashed the poor hostas!

Just this morning, we had sunshine, then rain, then hail, then snow and then sunshine during the snow! DH is fed up with the weather and wants to go back to California. He's tired of being cold. This is crazy weather! I guess I spent too long in California to recognize real weather, because now I'm starting to remember that this is what April in Michigan and Germany was like.

I finally got some photos of the quilt tops that I completed at my Quilt Retreat a few weeks ago. Wow, there must have been a disturbance in the space/time continuum for it to have taken me so long!
The first one is Spring Meadow. It was a charm packet from Moda by that name. I actually used 2 charm packs, and just put them together rather randomly. You can see some of the fabrics a little better in the closeup. (You can see the edge of the matching pillowcase in the upper right hand corner as well.)

The second one was another (2) charm packs by Moda, called Strawberry Lemondade. This was also put together randomly. And it has a matching pillowcase too. This one is my favorite - it's such bright, happy colors!

I made these for my granddaughters to use for their naps when they're over at our house.

I'm real happy with the way these two quilt tops came out. Now I just have to go buy some flannel fabric for the backs. I think I'll quilt these myself. They're not real big so, hopefully, it won't be too hard. Amazingly, these two quilt tops came out almost exactly the same size! I didn't plan that, and I'm not sure how that worked, but I'll take it!


  1. I am glad you have pictures of your two tops. I think I have one picture, but I could not remember who did the sewing. I love the ducks. Hope the weather warms up for DH.

  2. those ducks do look like a mismatched pair.

    At least you are at the beginning of the growing season so the hostas should grow a few more leaves.

    We have had the crazy spring weather too, but I've never been to CA so I don't know what nice weather is like. I have a nephew out there (CA)and he says it is perfect 99% of the time.


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