Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Hail, Where Did Spring Go?

Saturday we had beautiful weather! It was over 70 degrees, for the first time this year. Everyone was out mowing their yard, and wearing shorts and halter tops and other summery-type clothes. We were digging up a bush that was in the "wrong spot" (for us). We didn't really have a different spot for it and DS and DIL wanted it for their yard. So, we took it to them. A big undertaking, as it turned out. Here it is in it's new home. I think it will be very happy there!
Sunday we had to go to Home Depot to find something to fill the empty spot where the bush had been. I decided hostas would go well there. Didn't find hostas at H.D, but I found some fancy geraniums that were calling my name! Off to Fred Meyers looking for hostas. I did find some hostas there, but they were smaller than I was hoping for. I got them anyway. Hopefully they will grow! I also found MORE geraniums that wanted to go home with us! Aren't they pretty? I love the Martha Washington geraniums. I had to leave a whole bunch behind when we left California, and I couldn't find any last year.
We got the hostas planted that day, but ran out of steam and good weather to do anything else. Now the pretty new flowers are going to have to live in the garage for a few days. We're having unseasonably cold weather this week. I'd bring them in the house, but I think the wee hairy beasts would eat them. Probably not good for the flowers OR the cats!
Yesterday was cold all day, and then about 6 pm, when the granddaughters and I were going down to the mailbox (an excuse to use the umbrellas that came with them yesterday!), we had hail. Lots of hail. It was fun to be under the umbrella and listening to the very loud hail. It went on for about 15 minutes! The girls were really excited about it.
Here's what the backyard looked like. The hail hadn't melted after an hour! (It was about 40 degrees.) Now the weather report says we're supposed to have rain and cold weather all week, ending with snow by Friday or Saturday. Yikes! Here's a photo of the new hostas in the hail. They held up pretty well. I hope they don't mind snow!
On the quilting front, I haven't done a whole lot.
I've gotten some sewing done on some crumb blocks. I do
n't know how many I started with, but now I'm up to 60-something! It's so much fun and not much thinking needed. Here I was playing with lay-outs. I actually got 3 blocks on the floor before the cats came running to help! I've now come up with an actual quilt plan. I only need 30 blocks to finish with a decent size. Now I just need to cut fabric for the sashings, etc. Maybe tomorrow I can get it done??


  1. ooh, love your crumb blocks - sweet and happy. and what a wonderful kitty "helper". hail??? eek. Spring come back!

  2. Your crumb blocks are so cheerful and bright. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I know the cats were just waiting for you to let them help you arrange your blocks!

  3. Cute little crumb blocks - cat thinks so also.

    Regarding hostas, and hail. Last year I had the MOST beautiful and gorgeous hostas, filling an entire huge bed solid - shoulda take a photo, because hail got 'em! Arghhhh - shredded to bits. We have hail frequently in western Nebraska -- no rain, just hail!

    Enjoy your gardening when spring returns.

  4. Your crumb blocks are looking very nice. Beautiful kitty, too!
    I hope your plants survive the hail and colder weather in your forcast. We also have colder weather (here in the beautiful Rhein River valley of Germany) which is making all the spring plants stunned in their growth.

  5. We had a hail storm in July, 2003 that punched holes in all of my hosta leaves. I hope the cold weather doesn't hurt them. You may want to cover them with buckets.


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