Monday, March 17, 2008

A Real Antique and a Mola

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

Last December we went to Seattle for the day, just for fun. The first stop we made was an Antique Shop in Pioneer Square. I found this chest of drawers and fell in love with it! It's not real big, as you can see from the phone on top. It's oak and from "the late 1800's". The drawer pulls are carved. This is the first piece of antique furniture that we've purchased, and it was a good deal - under $200!

Later that day, we found a shop at Pike Place Market called "Milagros" that specializes in Mexican folk-art. We found a table full of Molas, and found this one of hummingbirds for a resonable price. DH was stationed in Panama while he was in the army, which is where the Molas come from. To read more about molas, see here or here. This is the first (and so far, only) mola we own. They're becoming very expensive. When DH was in Panama many, many years ago, they were very cheap - under $10!! I think I will have it framed to display it, instead of putting it in a quilted wallhanging.

Here is a closeup so you can see the stitches. They're so small - it's just incredible workmanship! And I love the bright colors!

While I was photographing the chest, Shade had to come check out what I was doing. Since Dunkel got his picture in last time, this is Shade's turn. Mind you, it took a lot of bad photos to get a good one. He loves to move at the last second, so he's blurry in most of the pictures. The last picture was when he was "helping" me sew by wrinkling the fabric. He loves to help me!


  1. Pretty kitty!

    Molas are magical things. Thanks for sharing yours :- )

    I can see that we have similar taste in fabric. I especially like the Hole in the Barn Door child's quilt you made!

  2. Love the molas. I bought three at a quilt show. I received one small one from my daughter's boyfriend (who is from Panama). The stitching is incredible! My applique will never reach that level.

  3. Molas are incredible. I haven't seen one yet I don't like. Colors in them are always extraordinary.
    Beautiful cat, too! Thanks for sharing your pics.


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