Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Is Showing Up

Nothing much fun going on here this week. Certainly not any quilting! We're working on income taxes and paying bills. Not very blog-worthy subjects. But, I have to say, moving makes it pretty difficult to find the important papers that you know must be somewhere! And I was being careful too.

We had sunshine for a few days this week, and I got out to look at the yard. We actually have evidence of Spring! The primroses are a trifle chewed by the slugs, but still a beautiful, vibrant color.

The crocus are starting to open, and the daffodills are getting buds on them! These are the bulbs that I actually got planted in the fall - the others are a little behind.

And this is the tiniest primrose I have ever seen! The whole plant is about 3 inches tall. I put my hand in the photo to show the scale. It's all the way across the yard from the house, and yet DH managed to see it from inside! Of course, he was using binoculars, but still . . . I wouldn't have been able to see it, I'm sure!
And, because this IS a quilting blog, here is the requisite quilt photo. It has the bonus of a cat in it as well. This is Hamlet, who is my daughter's cat. This photo was taken almost 2 years ago. He lives in Nevada now. (We miss him.)
If you look closely at the quilt, you can see that I was in the process of putting the binding on. I'd had the quilt folded and draped over the chair back, and Hamlet managed to crawl up inside the quilt and pull it down, so that he could lay in/on it. Clips and needles don't bother Hamlet!
This is my Bullseye quilt that I did all in dots. I'll show the whole quilt in another post. I need to take a good picture of it.
I hope Spring will soon be visiting everyone.


  1. Love that pic of Hamlet and the quilt. What a sweetie pie. yeah, it always worries me when kitties happily settle on something with pins sticking in it. oooh, flowers - spring is coming.

  2. That's my baby! Lovely flower pictures. Things are starting to green up, here, but no sign yet of wildflowers.


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