Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Quilts & an Eagle

I have been working on more Doodle Bugs, planning on a wallhanging this time. So far, all I've done is fuse and cut. No actual sewing occuring yet. I am ready for the final fuse, but nothing worthy of photos so far. I hope to have them ready to sew together in the next few days.

In the meantime, I thought I would share two of the quilts that I've made for my granddaughters.

This first quilt was made for my eldest GD, for when she was moved from the crib to a Big Girl Bed, due to arrival of GD#2. It's an Eye Spy quilt made from the patterns in the Picture Play book by Ami Simms. This was tons of fun to do! I've probably got enough pieces of fabric collected for another 10 quilts! All my friends gave me pieces of fabric and I used Berta's hand-dyed fabrics for the alternate squares. My wise friend K--- told me to mix up the pictures and have them going every which way. That was excellent advice because, in the process of sewing this together, I did manage to get things all jumbled up. But, because the images were already going in all directions, it didn't matter! She was so brilliant! Or maybe she just knows me. Hmmmm. And I highly recommend Ami's book if you want to make an Eye Spy quilt. Her patterns are great, and EASY. And the book comes with great templates for picking out and cutting your image.

I think, one of these days, I'm going to make a Quilter's Eye Spy quilt. I think it'll be fun to make and to use. Cuz you know it would be mine!

This second quilt was for GD#2 when she was born. I found this cute farm animal fabric, which also has the sounds the animals make (ie. "cluck, cluck, cluckkity cluck; moo, moo" etc.) Who doesn't teach their baby to make animal noises? We always did, so I thought this was great. And I loved all the bright colors. So, farm animals = barn, therefore Hole In The Barn Door blocks. I used all the colors in the quilt. It was really quite bold! Turns out, so is GD#2!

Today, while I was (yet again) at the grocery store, DH called me to tell me we had an eagle out in the back! The eagle dove at the pond trying to get one of the ducks on the pond, but missed. So then it went after the blue heron! Fortunately, DH got some photos. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell much from them. So I will just post the one that's the clearest. This is the eagle and the heron flying. DH thought it was a golden eagle, and he thinks the heron got away from it. Time will tell on that one. I think we only have one heron here at the pond. As you can tell, it was kind of a stormy day, but we did have some "sun breaks", which were nice. Yesterday we got above 60 degrees! Today, maybe 45 degrees. Spring is trying, but not quite yet.

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  1. Great Picture Play Quilt! Send me a copy for my website, will ya?
    Ami Simms


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