Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Midwinter Blahs

Not much going on around here. I'm still fighting that icky cold. I'll get better for a day or two, and then it comes back on me and I really feel lousy. So, I'm not too motivated. Really, I'm just kind of dragging around.

We had some friends over for a visit and dinner on Saturday night. My friend Karen (whom I mentioned in Dec when I visited her for a week) along with her DH and their two grandchildren that live near us. Their grandkids are a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. It was a lot of fun to see them, and the kids were fun to play with. Plus, they sold us a new-to-us-old-to-them computer, since our old one had really gotten clunky. I think it was well over 10 years old. So, you know what my DH has been doing for a few days now! I'm really enjoying the new machine . . . it's SO much faster! It's a joy to work on.

I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week and everyone seems pleased with my progress. I am too . . . just impatient to be back to normal. I'm getting there, and can do most things by myself now. Slowly and awkwardly sometimes, but I usually get there. Just don't ask me to open a jar or reach over my head. I had no idea breaking my arm would affect so many movements or take so long to recover from. If I'd only known. *sigh*

Here's what's currently in the works around here. Not that I've worked on it lately. I sewed these up when I got back from Nevada a couple of weeks ago, and haven't been back into the quilt studio yet. Anywho, these are all flannel and/or brushed cotton plaids and stripes.

I got these squares about 5 years ago when I was on the charity quilts committee of the quilt guild in California. The committee didn't want them because they didn't want to deal with flannel or with plaids, and they knew I love plaids. These were a pretty big stack, all the same size. They've been taking up space and nagging me ever since, but I couldn't think of what to do with them. Finally I found some inspiration and decided what to do with these. I started playing with them after I broke my arm and was looking for something I could sew, as most of the cutting was already done. So, a two-fer. I get to use up something that's been hanging around too long AND most of the work was already done. Yay!

Here are the rest of the blocks, waiting to be sewn. Last week I went to a monthly quilt bee and got all the little squares cut and matched up with the main pieces. I over-did it (it didn't feel like it at the time!) and made my arm really hurt for a couple of days. Bad me! And now here they sit, waiting for me to get back to them. Maybe tomorrow, I hope! They go pretty quickly. At least I hope so.

Last week my copy of this book finally came. Oh joy!! I've kind of skimmed through it so far. . . . not feeling good enough to do an in-depth read yet. But, wow, does it ever make me want to go into the quilt studio and play! What fun awaits me! I'm lovin' this book. . . . no disappointments here! Gwen has done it again . . . . thanks, Gwen!


  1. You are SO FUNNY! You said: If I'd only known (breaking your arm would take so long to recover from). Does that mean if you HAD known, you wouldn't have broken your arm?
    Anyhow, I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. If you've got the winter blue's, then it is certainly not stopping you from sewing!

    Isn't LQII just wonderful?

  3. Oh you poor thing - I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly! But at least we don't have deadlines with our quilts [mostly]. Just take it easy and heal, both from the cold and with your arm.
    Congrats on the new[er] computer! I love your blocks - just don't overdo. That book looks AMAZING!


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