Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Sewing....


After looking at my new book Liberated Quiltmaking II (see previous post) over breakfast the other day, I HAD to go play in the quilt studio. I was inspired! I started with this little quilt for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (see the link on my sidebar). It's part of the Liberated Quilter's Challenge for 2010. Hopefully this is only the first one.

I used Gwen's Liberated Basket idea and added some free-cut flowers. It all went pretty well. I had to kind of scoot a bunch of stuff out of the way to cut fabric and to sew, but that's OK. Shade was thrilled that I was back in the studio. . . he really loves it when I'm in there. He has to lay right next to me for lots of love and scritches and kisses. Anyway, I don't think I'm quite done with this one. Still contemplating my next move. Maybe some embroidery?. . . . embellishing? . . . . buttons? We'll see!

Next, I wanted to make a LOVE block for Clare and her Quilts 4 Leukaemia as she requested. I started with the L and O. No problem, easy-peasy. Then I tried the V. Had to make a 2nd one as the first just wasn't too good. The E went pretty well. I had a little trouble making everything come out to the correct size. So I had to add some extra fabric. But I think it looks OK. I hope Clare will like it!

Then I decided to make Clare some blocks in red and white, also for the Quilts 4 Leukaemia. I did the Windmill block that's in LQII (page 86). They're free-cut, but don't turn out too wonky. It's really hard to see that those angles are different from block to block. Don't these look cute? They were a lot of fun to do. Just one problem. . . they're going to finish at 7.75 inches instead of 8 inches. RATS!! Apparently, my math skills are somewhat lacking. Not a big surprise to me, somehow. Why did I cut all 4 blocks, instead of trying just one first?? Now I get to do them over. *sigh* Now that I look at this photo, I think the block on the lower right is kinda strange looking. Two of the blades are fatter than the other two. What the heck?? What did I do?? Talk about wonky! *grin*

All these problems are probably due to the fact that my icky cold turned into one doozy of a sinus infection. My brain is fuzzy, and my head hurts. I spent 3 hours at Urgent Care yesterday waiting to be seen. But on the other hand, my prescription was ready when I walked into the pharmacy! Hopefully all will be better in a few days.

I've joined Tonya (at Lazy Gal Quilting) in the Lazy Gal Liberated Amish 2010 Get Together. (Wow, that's a mouthful!) She's going to be teaching/leading us to make a Liberated (a la Gwen Marston) Amish-style quilt based on the quilts in the collection of Faith and Stephen Brown. You can see the quilts in their collection here. Also, those of you in the San Francisco area can see 48 of the quilts in person at the de Young Museum until June 6, 2010! (Wish I could go see them!) I'm looking forward to this Get Together. I've always loved Amish quilts since I was introduced to them. I've made a few . . . a couple of wallhangings and a couple of doll quilts. I just love the colors in them. It's time to make another Amish quilt!

Here is Dunkel with his latest obsession! He's playing with string. DH tied a string to a cat toy stick, and Dunkel loves to chase it around and around and up onto the chairs. He's crazy about this! Anytime one of us walks even near where we keep the string, Dunkle starts meowing. Loudly and insistently! He's like Chinese water torture. He just keeps meowing and meowing. So, eventually we give in. We have to be careful because all he really wants to do is chew the string, and that's Not Good for kitty tummies. So, supervision is required. He's willing to play string any time and for however long we'll do it. Obsession. . . . thy name is Cat.

Ta-ta for now!


  1. What lovely blocks. They don't look wonky to me at all, but that may be because I'm still asleep!

    YOu have been a busy person. Love the AAQI quilt.

    Hope the meds kick in soon.

    Word Verification is chums!

  2. I love your liberated basket and flowers - looks just like spring!

  3. oh the basket is sweet - lovely job. I don't know what you're worrying about - that is a GREAT love block.

  4. I love those pinwheels! That is one of my favorite patterns to do. The red and white is great.

  5. LOVE and flower basket at darling. I like the red blocks that look like windmills, too. I would be happy to play string with Dunkl.

  6. OMG the Love and pinwheels are fab! I see we are both doing the Tonya Challenge! It's going to be fun.

  7. I LOVE your blocks!!! They're fabulous! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you get better soon. Dunkel is too cute!

  8. I've made a few of those wonky windmills too. Will probably be posting them soon. Mine weren't looking too wonky either, until I turned a couple of them and trimmed them off-kilter. A couple of them look kinda dorky 'cause the blades are so fat.

    Wouldn't it be fun to send your basket block to someone else for further work and make it a round robin AAQI quilt? I'm not sure I could resist putting a bunch of beads or sequins on it though, and then it might not qualify!

    Love your Love block!


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