Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back Home

I'm home from Nevada now, and have an icky cold with a cough. Ugh. I got sick about a week after I got there. Now DD has it too. My DH was sick the whole time I was in NV and he's still sick. So, we're not having too much fun here at the moment. I think I'm starting to feel some better, and my symptoms are managed well by a decongestant and that miracle drug Mucinex. I've been getting enough sleep, and I think I'm almost over it. I hope. *fingers crossed*

I'm still trying to get caught up with myself. Doing laundry, going through the mail. . . you know, all those fun things that pile up while you're gone. I'll get there soon, hopefully.

This is a quilt that my DD found at an antique store in Nevada a few years ago. It was too hard to get a decent photo this trip, so I found this one that we took at the time. I think this photo was taken before we washed this, so most of those brown spots disappeared. I got to use this one while I was at her house!

This quilt is pretty hard to date. It could be 15 years old or 100. Those colors are very typically Pennsyvania at the turn of the century (1900's) or so, and a timeless pattern. A variation on an Irish Chain, I think. (If anyone knows the correct name of this pattern, I'd be interested to know it!) The fabrics are in good shape, but not new. Some of the little squares are starting to show some wear, so I don't think it's real recent. She got this for $35!! Good deal!

Here's a closeup so you can see the fabrics. They are the same through-out the quilt. Also, it's all hand quilted, and nicely done.

We got a computer virus last night. Ugh! DH got it cleared up in 5 hours of working on it. Thank God, as I have no idea of what to do. I really, really detest the people that get their jollies by infecting other people's computers. I think they deserve a whole special place in Hell. "Nuff said.

I did manage to get in the quilt studio for a bit yesterday, as I just HAD to sew something! I got 10 blocks finished (but I had them about 1/2 done last month, so not too big of a deal). No pictures yet, but maybe in a day or 2. My quilt studio is a disaster and I need to get in there and clean it up before I start any serious sewing. And I need to start some serious sewing! I'm just about back to full capability for most sewing, and I'm way behind on some projects. The hard part is deciding where to start!


  1. Glad you are home. Sorry about your virus, and the virus in your computer. Glad you are all getting better. What a beautiful quilt your DD has. I am sure it was a pleasure to sleep under it while you were there.

  2. So sorry to hear you've been sick - I hope everyone is feeling better quickly! Love the quilt your friend found for SUCH a great price!

  3. Sorry that you and DH haven't been well and a computer virus into the bargain! Not good.

    Can't help you on the pattern, but the quilt is gorgeous.

  4. Happy to hear you are back home safely and that your arm is letting you get back to quilting. Take care of that cold!

  5. Hope that you're feeling better! Very nice old quilt, and it looks warm as toast. I have McAfee anti virus program and it works great, besides I got it free from my cable company. I recommend it to everyone.

  6. Sorry to hear you are sick...what a lucky find for your daughter, the quilt is beautiful.

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry you've been sick! And everyone else too - blech. Hopefully since you're on the road to recovery they will be well again soon too.

    Lovely old quilt. And I know what you mean about having to decide where to begin once you finally feel up to tackling the big quilt projects again!

  8. I'd have to see it to be sure but from the pics, I'd lean towards the 100 years rather than 15. Don't know the exact pattern, definitely irish chain variation, but if you'll send me a reminder email, I'll look it up in Brackman.


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