Sunday, September 06, 2009

Teasing. . . .

I've actually been getting some sewing done the last few days.

First off, I've been assembling Thing 2. I have all but 5 rows put together. I've also been tearing off the foundation papers the last two nights as we watch TV. Both nights I got about 1 1/2 rows off and by last night, my hand was sore! I had to "mouse" left-handed afterwards. So, I've decided I need to slow down on that. I don't need to mess up my hand again, because I've got two quilts to get bindings on in the next few weeks. And that's gonna take priority, because my quilt guild is having a quilt show in early October!

Here's a sneak peek of the first quilt I'm working on. This is the back, where you can really see the wonderful quilting the long-armer did (Hi, Shari!). Isn't it beautiful? Wait till you see the front! Shari is still working on the other quilt, which gives me some time to get this one done. The binding is sewn on and now I just have to do the handwork.

Amy over at The Calico Cat had a giveaway of some of her cat fabrics on her blog recently, and she was kind enough to send me a "kitten". This is quite a stack of fabric....I think I can get at least two quilts out of these! The possibilities are already swirling around in my head. Wow, Amy, thanks! I'm so excited about this.

I was looking at blogs a few days ago, as I often do, and somehow found Monica's blog "Quilt While You're Ahead". Monica was lucky enough to go to the Birmingham Festival of Quilts in England and had some wonderful, very inspirational pictures of quilts. Click here to see Part 1 (some of the winners). Click here for Part 2 (the art quilts). Click here to see Part 3, the ones that were my favorites. I especially like the quilts by Ingrid Press and Yoshiko Jenzenji. They have really piqued my interest. So, I have been working on something. I sewed like a madwoman yesterday, and will have some photos for you in a few days. Take a look at the quilt show photos while you wait!


  1. What a fun package of fabrics. Lucky girl!

    I love those quilts in Part 1. They are awesome. It humbles me to see them and how intricate they are. I do not know if I ever would have that kind of patience.

    I like that black and white circle fabric you are using in your quilt. It has lots of movement. Shari did a great job on the quilting, as usual. Can't wait to see your blocks.

  2. Love the look of Thing 2 - but don't overdo! I hate trying to mouse left-handed, lol.
    The quilting looks GREAT. Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. I also am in love with Thing 2, it just speaks to me. Thanks for the links to Monica's blog, those quilts were beautiful.

  4. Thing 2--what a name for a very nice quilt. cute fabric. I suggest that you use some fabric like muslin on the backs, so it can be left in place and doesn't have to be removed, as paper does.

  5. WOW...WOW...I love Thing 2....but better take care of that hand....can't wait to see what you are secretly working on!!

  6. the b/w sashing really makes that top how you cut it.
    do go easy on the hand!


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