Monday, August 31, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

Dunkel is so surprised that it's the last day of August! Where did the summer go? All the kids in this area started back to school today. And it's not a very summery day today either. We were predicted to hit 80*, but I'll be surprised if we hit 70*! Summer seems to be winding down. Some of the leaves are just starting turning, and all the gardens look like they've passed their peak. I hope we're not going to have an early fall this year, because we had a late spring. That wouldn't be so good. In spite of the fact that I don't love the heat, I'm not quite ready for the return of cold weather.

I've actually gotten some sewing done the last few days. I made a pair of summer PJ's. . . . and no, you don't get to see them. They are not beautiful, just finished! And just barely in time, it seems! And I also finished two charity quilt tops.

This first one is cat fabrics and brights. These small quilts will go to seriously ill children @ a local charity. I thought perhaps someone might be missing a kitty and that this would cheer them up a little.

Here is what one block looks like. This is made with 5.5" squares and 3" strips (cut sizes), and finishes to a 15" block. Very easy!

And here's one in plaid flannels - it's very soft and cozy.

I've started working on Thing 2. I have the alternate fabric cut and now it's time to size my strings strips and start sewing it all together. Pictures soon!

I always have a hard time deciding which I'd rather be doing - working on something quilt-related or blogging. I guess that's a common problem, from what I've read on other blogs. So, because I've been sewing, I'm very behind in all my blog reading. Please bear with me as I try to catch up some. I'll try to make it around to everyone's blogs in a more timely manner.

Have you sent your Bundle of Love to Iraq yet? You have one more week, until September 7th, to get it in the mail. It's been so fun to watch this project just explode. I think this is an amazing thing Major LaFlamme is doing.

I found this wonderful video on You Tube. I can't figure out how to upload the video here, so will just put in the link here. This is an ad for Sony Bravia TV. It consists of something like 250,000 brightly colored super balls bouncing down a street in San Francisco. Just so fun to watch! And there's also a link to the "making of" video too. I love watching those "making of" videos. Enquiring minds want to know, maybe?

Are you a geek? Do you know and love any geeks? I found the coolest Etsy store, and it's all for geeks. I think my favorite is this clock for math geeks. See it here, then check out all the other wonderful items made from random computer parts, etc. Such wonderful geek-ness! I know some folks -mostly ones I'm related to!- that would love some of these items for birthdays or Christmas. (Which, by the way, is getting waaaay too close! But that's another story.)

This was Dunkel's way of "helping" me last night. He was sleeping behind the sewing machine, and when I started sewing the cat blocks together, he thought they should be his blocks. We eventually worked it out.


  1. I feel like Dunkel tonight - it may get into the 30's! I'm not ready for summer to end. We hardly had one!
    Thanks for all the links! I love your charity quilts, especially the second one - it just looks so cuddly!
    And yes, when I'm in a quilting fever, I get behind on blog reading, and vice versa. Sigh. I need a computer that sews.

  2. Where did the summer go? I feel like just last week I was trying to figure out how we could fit everything in this summer and now it is done. Thanks so much for the "geek" link. I am going to order one of those clocks for my son, he will love it!! By the way I am a geek too.

  3. those kids quilts look so cute. I guess that they are a rather small size--sort of blankies?

  4. great pics of kitty AND great quilts! marvelous.

  5. I'm with you....I have been back at school for 3 hasn't been pleasant least not at 6 AM. lol Looks like you have been getting lots done. I feel like your kitty looks tonight. lol

  6. What a character that Dunkel is!
    The IBOl count was up to 245 when I checked a little bit ago. Can't wait to see how many he finally ends up with :- )
    Your simple little charity quilts are delightful. Very inspiring too!


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