Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Happy #9 Day! I love these "fun" dates. Now the next one will be next year, October 10th.

String Thing 2 is now at the flimsy stage. Yay!

I think I jumped the gun a little when I took the picture. I forgot that all the row labels were still pinned to the quilt. So, please excuse. I still need to straighten the right-hand edge - I only lined up the left-hand edge when sewing the rows together. I offset each row of the black&white fabric a bit. It seemed to look better without everything all lined up. It's hard to tell in the photo, because the wind was blowing, but it really is straight! I don't know if you can see them, but I put in 3 free-pieced stars amongst the strings. I thought it needed a little relief from all the strings. This one was all done with fabrics from my stash. . . . now I need to go find a backing fabric from the stash too. That may be harder. *grin*

Here is my in-process binding. I'm going slow on this, because my thumb is still twinging a bit. I only sew one 18 inch length of thread at a time. So, very slow progress. But better than none, I figure.

The deadline to send boxes to the Iraqi Bundles of Love project has now passed. Yesterday was the last day. The latest IBOL count is at 500 boxes of fabrics and sewing supplies. That's pretty awesome for a project that IBOL Guy, Major Art LaFlamme, thought it would be great to get 30 or so boxes. In about a week to 10 days, I think he'll see an absolute avalanche of boxes - awesome! I'm having fun watching all those boxes pile up over there in Iraq. I can't wait to see the distribution of said boxes.

I found this great street sign link over at Jean's blog. So, of course, I had to go make one too!

What d'ya think? Looks good to me! If you want to make your own street sign, go here. You can even have your choice of 4 different backgrounds. Fun!

I haven't gotten back in the quilt studio yet to finish the project that I hinted at in my last post. I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow . . . I'd love to take it to my quilt guild meeting on Friday. My fingers are crossed that life doesn't get in my way!


  1. I love Thing 2 - the offset circles do seem to make it dance, and I love the stars! How cool that it's all from stash. Take your time on the binding, it'll wait!
    That's great news about IBOL.

  2. Your string quilt is great. I love what you did with the black and white. The black and white strips are not pieced are they? This give me so many ideas.

  3. I love that string quilt, and your sashing is fabulous! Scrap quilters rule!

  4. I wouldn't have caught the 3 stars from the picture but I bet I would have seen them in person. You were wise to offset the black fabric print. It would be hard to keep it perfectly lined up and it wouldn't have had the interest it has now.

  5. Thanks for sharing the street sign link - my kids and I just had fun playing. I love your string thing - the little stars add a great twinkle!

  6. Sharon, this is GREAT! I love it, and I love the stars hiding in it!

  7. what a striking quilt!!

  8. I like your flimsy. It has so much movement and color. I am sorry your thumb is still not 100% yet. Yes, take it slow and it will get done.

  9. Oh Sharon...It Is Fabulous!!! I'm with Brenda...Scrap Quilters DO

    I like what you are sewing that binding to as well!!

  10. the string quilt is wonderful. I love that sashing fabric. great job!

  11. those stars are great! nicely done


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