Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Melting. . . .

It's waaaayy too hot here! I feel just like the Wicked Witch. Except with more whining, if possible.

Yesterday it hit 104.4*F here, according to my fancy-pants wireless digital thermometer (which I LOVE). Fortunately, DH insisted on dragging me to the river to cool off, with tons of other people. It was quite pleasant sitting on a rock, with my feet in the river, looking at all the beautiful trees, the totally blue sky and watching the bald eagle flying above. The best of the Northwest. Until I got out of the river! Yesterday was the hottest day. Today our high seems to be 95*. Not great, but definitely better. If only the humidity was lower. In the evenings, when it should be cooling off, the humidity skyrockets to 80 - 90%. Not so much fun.

My hanging basket is totally fried, and my hydrangeas are wilting badly in the heat. I totally relate.

The poor kitties are miserable. They keep coming to me and, essentially, whining. "Fix it, Mom!" Dunkel is currently flanged out on the stone entryway, and Shade is up on the bed, with the fan blowing directly on him. It's pretty funny. We had A/C in California, so they've never had to deal with this bad of heat. Poor babies!

There is no actual sewing or quilting here, until the heat subsides. (Maybe October??) But just so this isn't a quilting-less post, I thought I'd show you my string blocks.

Remember these string blocks? I started them back in April when I had to wear the brace on my thumb, due to tendonitis. Well, I've gotten quite a lot of them done. That was pretty much all my sewing in April, and I've also been working on them since then. Just sewing 4 at a time, when I wanted to sew but was stalling on the Color Challenge quilt, or couldn't think of what else to do. I now have 66 of these blocks sewn. It appears that I have enough for two quilts!

This is the first layout I tried. The blocks will be 4" x 10" finished. These blocks aren't running up and down the quilt, but sideways. Of course, that is subject to change. I haven't measured anything exactly, just trying to get an idea of the approximate size.

I found this great black & white fabric on sale, so thought I'd try it. It's pretty "Freddy", isn't it? It may be too much, but thought I'd see what it looks like, just for fun.

Here is Dunkel, helping me with a second layout, using the rest of the blocks. He was holding the blocks in place for me. Again, this is approximate. I still have more foundations and lots more strings, if I need more blocks.

This is fabric test #1. This is black dots on white ground. I found this good quality VIP fabric at W*lm*rt, for $4 a yard! I couldn't leave it there for that price.

Fabric #2, same great deal. Small white dots on black ground, but it's hard to see here.

And last, white dots on black ground, large version. Same $ deal. I'm kind of leaning towards either this or #1.

When it cools off, I'm going to start sewing these together. But since that will be awhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for any input!


  1. I was listening to the weatherman at noon and he was telling about the records that have been broken up there in the NW. I didn't realize how long the heat has been there.

    I think you should use the black and white "freddy" style fabric, but then I like the layout in rings too. So it is settled, you will have to make more than one quilt.

  2. The "Freddy" fabric is my favorite, too. Then Fabric #2 is next. Your blocks are great. Congratulations on the 1st Place ribbon. There were no doubts in my mind that your quilt was 1st place quality! Sorry about the heat. Come back to the Bay Area. It is cool here, for the moment. Missed you at bee today.

  3. The "Freddy" fabric gets my vote too! I love it!!! I'll be sad if you don't use it.

  4. I'm torn between the white with black dots and the last black option. Love the "rings" layout though!

    I don't even have the energy to get out blocks to play with on the design wall... :-P

  5. Sharon,
    I love the Freddy fabric too- it is so funky looking - I like the last setting too- I am with Wanda- you'll just have to make two quilts.
    Stay cool...

  6. I think you all got our weather this summer. It's been so cool and rainy here in Michigan! Hoping your weather breaks soon...

    I love love love the "Freddy" fabric. And I really like the layout in the rings. My second choice would be the last one, black with white dots. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  7. Oh man! 104 degrees and no air conditioning? Ick! You poor thing. Reminds me of the summer my daughter was born. It was like that for a month. I thought I was going to shrivel up and die.

  8. LOVE the cartoon. You can come help me clean up my sewing room....but bring a long sleeved shirt. We are part of that 15% of PNWers who have it. Add to that, my sewing room is downstairs and gets quite chilly.....

  9. This will be a great quilt! Love the "rings" layout, and the white with black dots is my favorite... Hope you'll be in for some cooler weather soon.

  10. I don't have a preference for the fabric, but I really like Dunkel's layout.

  11. Oh wah...wah Ms. Indigo Threads...welcome to my world!!!...
    LOL...yes I was watching the weather night before last as they were telling about you-alls high
    temps!! Is it true that alot of you guys don't have A/C in your homes..???
    Now that 'Freddy' fabric IS NOT too
    much...I love it!!!

  12. oh miserable heat! I sure wouldn't want my iron turned on or a quilt on top of me either. I whine about this heat and humidity and I even have AC. so sorry. I love the Freddy version - very lively. Two and Three are fun too. love your strings, sure they'll be great no matter what you do with them.

  13. I love the black settings the best, but they are all nice. My daughter in Seattle has been complaining too, here in Iowa we are having your weather and you are having ours! lol

  14. you have every right to whine a're having our usual weather for july/aug...we're having yours...rain, cool...totally weird.
    i like the freddy.

  15. I love the Freddy version. And I hope it cools down!

  16. Hot here too--I'm going to turn off this computer and head for the swimming pool. I love the way you have all these ideas for the lay-out of these strings.


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