Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Fourth of July, USA!

This little patriotic quilt was made way back in 1989. My quilt guild was having a "patriotic"-themed quilt retreat that year. The organizers wanted everyone to bring a little wallhanging, so I came up with this. Quick and easy! This isn't the greatest photo (it's a little unfocused) and some of these fabrics have faded some - the lower left square with the plaid background is the worst - but you can see the quilting here better than in "real life". I used a cookie cutter for my star pattern, both the applique (machine) and the quilting (also machine). This one was fun to do. This little quilt is about 16 inches square.

This is the back of the little quilt, and you can clearly see my quilting. I've always liked putting unused blocks and/or piecing on the back of quilts - something that relates to the front of the quilt. In this case, I had to "stretch" my backing fabric to make it fit. I think it makes the quilt more fun.

When I went to the quilt show in Issaquah (see previous post), I found a wallhanging in the "boutique" there that had to come home with me. I love bunnies, and I love embroidery. This little cutie was marked at only $7.50! I talked to the quilter that made this, and she said she'd had it for sale for a couple of years previously, for more money, but it never sold. I told her it was going to a good home! I think this is done on osnaburg, and it's 29 inches wide by 19 inches high.

A closeup, so you can see all the bunny/embroidery goodness.

Our pottery sale last weekend went very well. We had a lot of fun, and did well. We met lots of nice people, who really liked the pottery. The Potter even did a throwing demo, which was enjoyed by everyone.

It was good to see my sister again too. The show she was at was a great venue, with beautiful weather, but not many were purchasing. That seems to be the case all over lately.

Anywho, my DD has requested photos of some of the leaf dishes I made. I used leaves found in our yard. The technique is really easy. I roll out the clay, like doing cookie dough. Then I put the leaves on top of the clay and roll them into the clay with the rolling pin, which leaves the impression of the leaf. Then I cut out the shape with a knife and voila, it's pottery. The one above is from my hydrangea plant. I've made these previously, but this time I used a green stain before I put on the glaze, and it really made the veins of the leaf show up well.

These leaves are kind of little. I figured these little dishes would be good for putting a used teabag in, or your spoon after stirring your tea/coffee. I use these "tidbits" quite a bit, for lots of things. And I even sold a few! I have an order for more, but the leaves have to grow some yet, as the lady wants them big enough for small plates. I need to go fertilize!

This is also a hydrangea leaf, but without a shiny glaze. I used a clear glaze, but I don't think it was thick enough. It doesn't feel like it has any glaze on it.

This was done with a maple leaf, and is big enough for a cooking spoon rest. It's about 6 inches across.

This one is done with a leaf from a small tree in our yard. We don't know what it is. Anybody know this one? Maybe a cottonwood?, although it's different from the cottonwoods I saw in California. It's a little bigger than the hydrangea leaves, maybe 4 inches long.

I hope everyone has a bang-up 4th of July - sorry, had to go for the pun! People around here are already "practicing" their fireworks, which is making the cats pretty skittish! We're off to DS's house tomorrow for barbeque and fireworks. Sounds like a good day to me! Hooray for the USA!


  1. I love your leaf pottery and that is a unique way of getting a realistic leaf. You should try redbud leaves because they are kind of heart shaped. The ones on the trees aren't as big as the ones on the suckers that grow out of the base of the tree. They are easily 6-7" across.

  2. I love these little leaf are so creative!!! What other pottery do you do?

  3. The quilt is darling, the stitchery is sweet, but OH MY those leaf dishes are wonderful! I just love them!

  4. happy 4th! like the cookie cutter stars. hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. You really scored with that little embroidered wall hanging! Guess it was just waiting to go to the right home :- ) Lucky you!

    I can see where the little leaf dishes would be very popular. Hope you can find some big enough for your special order.

  6. I love your little cookie cutter star quilt...It's great...more than I have...which is nothing for the 4th...plan to work on that for next year...ooouuuu, your leaf pottery is FAB!!! Yes, Love...Love

  7. cute quilt. I love your little leaf dishes. gotta say, the glazier ones appeal to me - the one without looks dry and autumnal. how about some fun colors! throw some magenta and purple in there!

  8. The patriotic quilt is cute -- especially the back ! -- but I just LOVE the leaf dishes. Gorgeous.

  9. You are a very multi talented Lady, your pottery is beautiful. Wish I lived in your area, so I could see it in person. Hope you had lots of good customers.

  10. Oh, I have such a weakness for pottery! If I bought every piece I like, I'd have to move out of my condo--no room left for me


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