Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Big Reveal

Ta Da! Presenting. . . . "Stars Over the Mountain"!

It's finally all done, and ready for it's unveiling. Tomorrow is the big day for the guild. We're having a potluck and then everybody votes for best in catagory. (I understand there's even some money involved in the awards.)

Here's the pieced back. I also included two stars that were too low in contrast to work on the front. You can see that they're really low contrast! You can also see the quilting a little better.

Here's the crayon I had to work with. "Purple Mountain's Majesty" (hence the name for the quilt). So, how'd I do? Really, it's hard to tell on the computer. Purple is so hard to capture on "film" (digital?) We have to display the challenge crayon with the quilt for judging. This should be fun to see.

Earlier this week, I decided to make my granddaughters some dresses. They're really "into" dresses right now, and I found some cute fabric at W*lm*rt. It comes pre-shirred and pre-hemmed. So, I measured the girls on July 4th, and bought fabric this week. The smallest one is 23" around her chest, and the bigger one is a little bigger. So I got 3/4 yard for each, figuring I'd have enough to make some straps with. Brought the fabric home and pre-washed it.

Guess what? That fabric shrunk like nobody's business! The smallest piece is probably just big enough for the 2 yo next door, and the largest came out 23" exactly. So, back to W*lm*rt for another piece of fabric. This time I got a whole yard. And there was no pink left, darn it. (Needless to say, they both adore pink)

This time after pre-washing, that 36" piece shrunk down to 31". *sigh* I guess I should know better. This fabric is so thin, you could read through it. I'm used to quilt shop quality, I guess. Anyway, they came out fine and the girls both like them. So, all is good.

Here is the youngest with her frog print dress.

I attached the straps with frog buttons, which I also found @ W*lm*rt. They're a very soft plastic. I left lots of strap, so when she gets taller, we just have to move two buttons.

Here's the oldest, with her watermelon dress.

She has cute watermelon buttons.

I've done some more free-pieced stars. I've started some words, but I'm not going to show them yet, because I haven't decided what I'm doing yet. More later. . . .


  1. Your Stars Over the Mountain is fantastic. I love the pieced back, the color is luscious. It reminds me of blueberries. I love the variety of quilting too.

  2. I think your quilt matches the crayon well. The picture did come out purple too which I have a hard time with. Mine usually come out blue, even flowers that are purple come out bluer in pictures.

    The dresses are cute. I remember making that kind for my daughter over 30 years ago.

  3. This quilt is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the process on your blog. You spent so much time on this and it shows. Love the dresses...wal-mart fabric scares me! Good thing you preshrunk! Love the frog button...

  4. The girls' dresses are darling.

    WOW! Wonderful! Purple WOW Wonderful! Seriously, you did a great job on your quilt. I like the quilting, too. If you don't win a prize, then those ladies just don't like purple!

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!! I love it! Really spectacular.
    The dresses are darling. I hate that when fabric shrinks so much. I love the buttons you got to go with them.
    I really love your stars too - I need to try that one of these days.

  6. What a fabulous job you did with this challenge. Great blend of the purples and I really like the way you chose to piece the back.

  7. Sharon....your quilt is
    fabulous. It looks so vibrant! The stars look like they are bursting out of the quilt!! I like

  8. Those dresses are adorable! Too bad about the quality of the yardage though.

    Your stars come out looking so different from each other! Mine all come out looking exactly the same to me...


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