Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Some More Progress

Things are happening around here, but slowly. Some days it feels glacial.

Last week we took a trip to IKEA for more furniture for the quilt studio. Above is the most major purchase for the studio. It's a free-standing kitchen counter with lots of storage space! DS and DIL came over early on the 4th to help DH get the monster upstairs. It weighs almost 300 lbs and was in 4 boxes! It's made from solid wood with a maple top. I really had to think this one over, but I came to the conclusion that this is the best bang for my bucks. I can't pass up the storage capacity of this unit.

Yesterday DH spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 hours putting this baby together. In the heat. He perservered, and did a splendid job of it! I'm so happy with it, and can hardly wait to get to work on it. Being a kitchen counter, it's just the right height for me to cut fabric on. I wouldn't have believed that except that I've been cutting fabric on the kitchen counter here since we moved in, and there was no strain on my back or shoulders.
In this picture, you can see on the top of the unit the plastic bins with strips and squares, etc. in them that I unloaded into some of the drawers. I've been cutting up fabrics with Quiltville Bonnie's Scrap User System and this is what I'm going to be using most of this storage space for. Eventually I hope to get a labeling system that is slightly more sophisticated than scraps of paper showing through the windows of the drawers! I have more bins to unload, but the cat was sleeping on the stack that they are in. You can see that large stack of bins on the right side of the photo above. Maybe tomorrow I can get to those bins.

Here's a shot of two of the drawers with squares and strips. Only 3 more boxes (at least) of fabric to cut up!
We also purchased a desk that will be my sewing surface, but it's still in the box, waiting for DH to put it togther. I hope it won't be too long of a wait!
There's lots more unpacking and sorting to be done, but I had to move lots of stuff so DH had room to work. It was still too crowded for him.

And, of course, the supervising cat. He still gets upset when he sees us messing about with boxes - I guess he thinks we're gonna move again. But we get "quality time" with each other in the studio! Well, I think it's quality time. He just sleeps, mostly.


  1. Looks great! Are we just two separate minds that came to the same conclusion at Ikea or did you see mine on my blog? I couldn't have designed a better cutting surface and storage piece if I'd tried. I've had mine almost a year now and I still adore it!

  2. The new furniture looks wonderful. It will be great to store your squares and strips in it. Love your supervisor! That's a great picture of him. I think I enjoy seeing the pets of quilters as much as their quilting projects.

  3. Hi Sharon - I love your IKEA purchase, especially those drawers. I use a labeler in my sewing room. I just type in what I want on there and it prints out the label. You peel off the back and stick it on. I've not tried to get one off anything but plastic but it came off there really easily. I need to be cutting strips, too. Not enough time in the day. Blessings, marlene

  4. Your new storage unit it great. I like the kitchen counter for cutting as well. You are making progress. Soon you will be done, and then there will be no excuse for not using that beautiful studio. I am so envious!

  5. That is the best storage with all of those drawers. I like the fact you can see into them from the front too.

  6. oooh, I love this unit. I'm jealous. cute kitty too!

  7. Hi sharon...thanks for stopping by!! Love our quilts, especially the red white and blue. I need to make me something in these colors for next years posting. I didn't have anything this year so I just rounded up red white and blue things in my sewing room. I wish I lived where there was an Ikea!!!

  8. Jealousy, thy name is Elaine Adair! What a GREAT cabinet and cutting surface.


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