Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Close But No Cigar

Well, here's what I came up with on the "secret project" for my sister. I think they're fine for crumb blocks, which is what I had in my mind when I started them, but they don't really work for a little book. Too many colors and the focus fabric isn't the focus. I don't think my sis would really care for these - she's not a bright fabric kind of person, somehow. So, after consultation with DH, we decided it was back-to-the-drawing-board time. Oh, and I think I will finish these first blocks into a little book for my youngest granddaughter.
Dunkel looks like I feel.
So, I found a fabric with a much more traditional feel to it, and it also happens to be the same fabric shown in Gwen Marston's book. So, I think I'll start down this path, at least for now.

These are the first two I've done. They're not trimmed to size yet. The yellow one on the left is a blatant copy of the one in Gwen's book. I was trying to get into the right mood/mode and thought maybe doing what she had done would help. Now, I think I'm ready to break out into my own style! And, these look more like what my sis would like. At least I hope so! I don't have enough time to change my mind too many more times! *grin*

And, where would I be without my helper cat??


  1. the blocks do look like they would be good for a granddaughter with lots to look at in them.

  2. oooh Sharon, I like what you are working on. Just think, the last two on your posting would make
    GREAT pot holders. I have decided to try different blocks and projects and if I mess it up or don't like it I will just make a pot holder out of it. I have been digging thru and sewing up some of my crumbs this afternoon. A very relaxing day!

  3. I love the bright colors in your first set of book blocks. I saw a program with Gwen Marston where she was demonstrating how to do these books. Very creative, and it looks like lots of fun, too. I love the purple batik for curtains. I like the green, too. They would be wonderful partners in a quilt!

  4. Your first set of blocks are wonderfully colorful. Irrespective of how you use them, they are vibrant and eye-catching.

    I also love your little helper! I too am a recent transplant to western WA from sunny Cal. Bit of a weather transition, but all is good!

    Keep Quiltin'

  5. Hi Sharon~ I lost you somewhere in the exchange between old and new computer but now you're found. I've bookmarked you so I don't lose you again. Lovely indigo quilt!

  6. Just discovered your blog! Love it and have bookmarked it. I just adore those Gwen Marston books and have made several as part of new baby gifts. Your helper looks so-o-o much like my Rocky, who also "helps" in that very same way LOL!


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