Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Think I Miscalculated!

How did that happen??

DH got the new desk put together yesterday. It went a lot faster than the cutting unit (see previous post). It's another IKEA purchase. That unit on the left of the desk slides out, which will be great (at least I hope so!) for machine quilting, or quick trimming while piecing or whatever.
I wonder how long it will stay this clean?? I will try, I promise! I just have to make myself clean up after each project. This machine cover will be replaced soon. I have to keep something over the machine because Dunkel (not pictured) loves to bite and eat the thread. Which is not a Good Thing.

And here is my miscalculation! I forgot to allow for the drawers' opening. Rats!! So, everything needs to be shifted down a few inches. . . .

. . . . which is easier said than done. All of this stuff is to the right of the cutting unit, and there's an armoire back behind all this stuff that also has to be moved. Which means I won't have room between the armoire and the closet for my filing cabinet full of patterns. I have way too much stuff to all fit in this room. DH says I just need to add another foot to the room! I wish. All this means, more sorting and culling. I'll have to be tough with myself. I do have more stuff than I can use up in the rest of my life. I just have to be realistic. Yeah, right. *sigh*

And here is my faithful companion. He has been "velcro cat" the last few days. Just sticks right to me! He gets lots of scritches and kisses.
And now for the quilt content. . . .

Here is my Snail's Trail quilt. Many, many years ago I received a bunch of scraps from my friend SC. They were scraps from her mother's scrap bag that she had inherited. I was thrilled to pieces! Another of my quilt bee buddies gave me some of her older scraps, which I added to the mix. Both of these wonderful ladies are old enough to be my mother, so they had some old stuff. I picked this pattern because it had lots of little pieces, so that I could use the smallest of the scraps.

I pieced the back using up all my 30's reproductions, mostly because I was never going to use them again. (Hah! Little did I know.)
When I trimmed the quilt before binding it, I used the trimmings to make the binding! I just switched the sides so that the fabrics didn't line up. I really like this binding. It just makes the quilt even scrappier!
Here's one of the blocks. Those little squares in the center measure at seven-eights of an inch!! I must have been nuts. I got this pattern from an antique quilt in Ladies' Circle Patchwork Quilts. The whole block is 6 1/2 " finished. It surely did use the smallest scraps.

Another block, showing the wide variety of fabrics.

These two fabrics in the center are, I think, the oldest fabrics in the quilt. The blue with the cotton bolls I saw in a book about quilts from the 1920's, and the "frantic mice" fabric feels thin, old and frail. I'd guess it's pre-Mickey Mouse! And, some other fabrics are from as recently as the 1960's, which is now almost vintage, I guess! This quilt, even though it's made from older fabrics, is holding up really well.

And here's a shot of the quilting in the alternate blocks. My long-armer friend SB does the most awesome quilting! I love feather wreaths.


  1. Could you turn the desk so that it comes the long way into the room so you face the fabric and have the drawers to your back? I haven't had my machine up against a wall for 20 years. If you put casters on the desk and matching unit you could just roll it where you need it.

    The quilt is neat. I have never done that pattern but always wanted to.

  2. First of all I'm so sorry about the miscalculation. I've done that before and it's a real bummer. Second, I am amazed by that quilt. I can't imagine those teeny, tiny pieces - my fingers just won't handle them. It is so beautiful, a real treasure not just because of the work you put into it but also because of the dear friends whose faces you will see every time you look at it. Blessings, marlene

  3. love the snails trail quilt , one I have wanted to make too.
    the fabrics are just adorable.
    I love your island with all those drawers, I would love that for my sewing room too.

  4. Okay, now you have a place to sew, if you can keep the cat away from your thread. You are certainly making progress. I like your snail's trail quilt. I cannot imagine sewing those tiny pieces. Did the small pieces get caught in your throatplate? I have trouble with that on my machine. Often things get lost in there!

  5. Just found you through Just Us Quilters. Love your snails trail and the way you patched the back. My favorite kind of back. I'm from CA now living in OH until hubby retires. Pacific NW is our destination after retirement.

  6. That Snail's Trail quilt is something to be proud of! What a fantastic thing to have and to have made :- )


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