Monday, August 01, 2016

Gwennie-Inspired Medallion QAL - Part 3

Our challenge for the Gwen Marston-Inspired Medallion Quilt Along this month was Log Cabin borders.

Basket #2
19" wide x 22" high
The photo will supersize if clicked on.

Sorry this photo is so crookedy.  The quilt top really is straight and flat.  I just can't seem to take a straight picture these days.  (It may be all the "quilt stuff" on the floor in front of the design wall.  Shhhh....)

I was excited about this theme, as I love log cabins.  But sadly, I spent most of the month flailing about in the quilt studio.  Nothing seemed to "gel" for me.  I tried so many different things, and I have a pile of rejected 'orphan' blocks.  I know that the flailing is part of the design process and try to be patient with myself, but I do get frustrated at not making much progress.

And then, finally, it started clicking!  Yay!  I added the white border as a resting place for the eye, and a little breathing room. I also added a different color/fabric square in each corner of that border, just for a bit of whimsy.  Once I'd decided on the black polka dots for the centers of the cabins, then all those crazy colors and fabrics started playing well together.  I actually had a lot of fun just sitting and sewing all the log cabins.  And I thought it was time to repeat some of that wonderful vintage fabric that's in the basket in the corner squares.  I don't have very much of that fabric left at this point, so I'm not sure if or how it'll show up again.

These log cabins are very liberated!  It was a challenge to get the borders to fit.  I ended up adding coping strips in the bottom border, as I didn't have quite enough room for another log cabin.  Very Gwennie, right?  And, to add to the Liberation going on in this quilt, none of the borders ended up the same width!  

This quilt top is very, very bright.  I'm hoping that a good dose of the blacks and whites will calm it down to a reasonable level as it's almost too bright, which is not something you'll find me saying often.  *grin*   We're normally pretty overcast and grey here in the Pacific Northwest, even when it's not raining.  But now it's summer and the sun actually comes out once in a while.  Then those bright colors I love really show up.  Whoa, it's even brighter than I thought!  I may need sunglasses!  I just hope it's not too bright.

On the other hand.....

Basket #1
still unfinished
Click to super-size this photo too!

This quilt top is still not done, but I thought I'd show what I have so far.  I think I've decided on these Courthouse Steps log cabins.  I'll be adding these as only the top and bottom borders.  It's getting to be pretty wide and so I want to make it more vertical.  I'll be posting this again when I have the log cabin border completed.

To see what all the other QAL participants are doing with their medallions, click on over to Lori's blog Humble Quilts to see the link-ups.  

Our challenge border for this next month is Stars.  I've got my fingers crossed that the stars will go better (faster!) than the log cabins!  *wink*


  1. I love both, bright & happy.

  2. very fun and bright... I love it..

  3. I had to laugh....I chose the Log Cabin theme and then had so many problems trying to execute my idea. The light border is perfect on your first quilt. I love both borders on both your quilts. I look forward to seeing how you interpret the star borders.

  4. Wow! What a great lesson in adding white. Both of your medallions are very happy!

  5. You may have struggled but the results are fabulous! The black centers are grounding and you were so wise to add the white, and the whole thing is just FUN! The vintage tulip fabric is charming as can be!

  6. Hi,
    I like this, the colors are awesome.
    Have a great day!

  7. Gwen would love your bright and colorful top. I love it too.

  8. I think what you ended up doing is terrific! I really like the addition of black and white as a neutral. ;)

  9. I had trouble moving my medallion forward in July too. How is it possible for your first piece to be too bright??!! ;- ) Maybe some stars with nice dark grounds will help calm it down a bit. The courthouse step blocks look very promising with the second medallion.

  10. I spent the first part of the month pondering and testing ideas, too -- honestly I think that is just part of the liberated process. And don't you love it when things finally start to come together? It suddenly becomes SO much fun. GREAT ideas in your projects.

  11. I love both of your versions but the second is incredible...amazing !
    Congrats for this finish Sharon !

  12. I love both of these! They are just plain fun!

  13. Love it. I am not usually one who favors the traditional basket quilt blocks but I really am enjoying these liberated basket minis. Thanks for the inspiration.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Both quilts look so beautiful and bright. I also love Log Cabin blocks, and all of the variants. The next round, stars, has got me thinking also :)

  15. I can completely identify with the "flailing" you mention. If I could really see in my mind's eye, I might get everything perfect on the first try -- but no such luck for me.

    I think your cabins perfectly suit your quilt -- bright, cheerful, and very Gwenny.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  16. Love both your versions!! I also flayed about, sewed, unsewed, stitched again, and trimmed, before saying it was done. lol Great fabric choices!!


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