Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lazy Blogger Strikes Again . . .

There is a little bit of all kinds of things in this blog post. I have no rhyme or reason to this today.  This is to disguise the fact that little actual sewing/quilting has occurred in this vicinity lately.  In my defense, I was dutifully visiting as many blogs as possible for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  We won't talk about all the hours I've wasted on Facebook or Pinterest, OK? 

Isn't this a fun scrappy Double Irish Chain?  I don't think I've ever seen a scrappy one like this!  Donna brought this to share at our little sewing get-together a few weeks ago.  This is a quilt that her grandmother made for her and is the reason she's a quilter today.  

It's hard to tell in the photos, but the background of this is a very pale pink.  The scraps are pieces of family clothing, etc.  I love the lime-y green!  And I like that the pink is not so strong that it competes with the other fabrics.  Not sure how much this has faded over the years, though.

There are some fun fabrics in this quilt!

Here is Dunkel "helping" me with a project that I had laid out.  He always wants to get under the fabric but just ends up wadding it up.  More on this one later.

Here is the word I made for Carol of Giraffe Dreams blog, who is making a quilt of verbs to celebrate her 60th birthday.   It took me about 3 tries to get going on this, as I'm out of practice.  I'm still not completely happy with the C or the R, both of which could be a little bigger, but all in all, I like it.  I used a batik for the hot pink, because it was bright and has dots!

Here is Dunkel, again, helping you get an idea of how big this turned out.  He's such a helpful kitty!

Here is the lovely flower I found in my yard last week.  I hate having these in my lawn, but they are really pretty.  So far, this is about all the flowers I've managed this spring.  It's raining too much to get out and do much yard work.  I don't know if that is good or bad, but it sure makes it easier to be in the quilt studio without guilt!

When I was taking out the trash tonight, I found we had some visitors in our driveway.  They were enjoying the big puddle near when this shot was taken. (I thought you'd probably enjoy seeing their cute little ducky faces rather than their tail feathers!)  I have no idea why they've wandered away from their usual hangout at the lake.  I think they were looking for a hand-out.  They waddled over pretty fast when I "quacked" at them!  LOL

And here they are leaving after our photo shoot - heading away from the lake! And because I was taking pictures of the ducks instead of putting out the garbage cans, I missed my window of opportunity, so to speak, and got drenched when it started raining right after this!  Some days ya just gotta laugh!


  1. What a wonderful Irish Chain quilt! The colors are amazingly current aren't they? Your 'create' block is fabulous too. Carol is a lucky friend.:)

  2. I guess even ducks need a holiday away from home sometimes. Donna's grandmother's quilt is a beauty, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love the fresh colours. Are the pale pink squares quilted with flowers? I saw your Create on the Unruly blog, I think the C and R are just right! Dunkel looks like a great helper!

  3. love that quilt its a beauty isn't it fun to see those different fabrics?
    love the pictures of the ducks sorry you got wet boy thats a lot of rain.
    create looks great to me, nice of you to send her a block

  4. I love Irish Chain quilts and this one is especially great. congrats on finishing your word -- it looks fabulous from here.

  5. Things we have in common: (1) I also LOVE that Irish Chain quilt, (2) I LOVE my Create block. Thanks again. (3) I have the same pretty flowers in my lawn. (4) I also am tired of the rain.. and our neighborhoods look very similar. Haven't seen any ducks in our puddles, though.

  6. not to worry, you're a great blogger. love that Irish Chain. That green is fantastic and then those hits of red. mahvelous. love your Create - the letters look great.

  7. I think your letters looks great. I think they look nice when they aren't exactly even. You are making me want to make something with letters.

  8. I love Irish Chains and need to make one!


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