Monday, May 20, 2013

Hometown U.S.A.

Whoo hoo!  The Blogger's Quilt Festival is on again.  There are so many new blogs to visit and gorgeous quilts to view.  I hope you'll take some time to visit them.  And a huge Thank You to Amy for putting on this fun on-line quilt show!

I would LOVE to read your comments, but due to wanting to visit as many entrants as possible this week, I won't be answering comments.  However,  I will gladly visit your blog and leave a comment for you!  Thank you for understanding.

This is my second entry in the Festival.  You can see my other entry here.  Strangely enough, both of my entries are log cabins and challenge quilts!  This quilt is entered in the "Wallhanging" category.

Hometown U.S.A.
18 inches by 25 inches
This quilt was made for a Log Cabin challenge in my guild in California.  We had a specific size requirement to meet.  This pattern was in a Country Threads quilt book, and if I reduced the dimensions of the project in the book by half, it would be the exact correct size.

These logs finish at 1 inch.  I did not paper piece this.  Really, it was easy enough that I didn't need too.  I picked out my blue fabrics and the off-white fabrics, cut them into 1 1/2 inch strips and put each set into a paper bag.  As I pieced, I simply pulled a blue strip from it's bag or an off-white from it's bag and sewed it on.  My only "rule" was that I couldn't put the same fabric touching itself anywhere in the quilt.  I believe I managed that, but I really haven't looked that closely since I made this! *grin*

It's all pieced except for the chimneys and windows on the houses, which are fused on. Oh, and the star on the flag is fused, as well.

When I quilted this, I made sure that I stitched through all the fused elements just to make sure that they would stay put.

I even carried the patriotic theme onto the back!  This quilt hangs in my guest room, which I decorated in a red, white & blue patriotic theme.  

Surprisingly, even though the log cabin block is one of my all-time favorites, I have yet to make a log cabin quilt that is big enough to snuggle with!  

I would be honored if you would vote for my Hometown U.S.A. quilt in the "Wallhanging" category.  Thank you!


  1. Wonderful little log cabin quilt! Always one of my favorite blocks and your quilt is very lovely in the colors you chose to work with.:)

  2. This is a wonderful LOG Cabin. I love the colors that you choose. It is my kind of quilt.

  3. I love the patriotic colours and themes in this quilt. The little houses are so sweet.

  4. very cute. Hopefully you'll get to make a big log cabin quilt one day soon!

  5. Love your red/white/blue log cabin quilt. It is so cheerful.

  6. This is super cute, love the little cabins mixed in with the log cabin blocks. Great job!


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