Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Finish of the Year!

Finally, I have something a finish to post!  And it's still the first half of January.  I'll take that as a good omen for the year.

I got DH's pillowcase done in time to give it to him for Christmas, but I hadn't finished my own yet.  Now it's done.  I'm betting you can tell which pillowcase is for which of us.  *grin*  I actually bought the fabric for mine last year (2011) but never got around to doing it.  A very bad case of procrastination!

Here is my first Treasure Bag - completed!  (You can see my first post about this here.) This looks rather hairy because there is fuzzy yarn in here, as well as eyelash yarn.  I haven't decided yet if I like that or not.  But I'm not keeping this one.  It's to be a gift. I don't have a measurement for this one, but my smart phone fits in here.  The handle is long enough to wear the bag over one shoulder or across your body.

Here's my second Treasure Bag - also done!  The first one was so much fun, I had to make another one.  And I can't seem to stop . . . I have 2 more in process!  This one is smaller - meant to fit a flip phone.  I still need to make a loop and add a button for a closure to be totally finished.  I actually had to buy a crochet hook, as I can't find the ones I used to have!  I had a lot of fun picking out the beads to go on these bags.  

Now I'm making one for myself.  I started it, then decided I didn't like the main yarn color and went and bought something I like better, so now I get to undo what was done and start over.  Fortunately, I wasn't too far along yet, so not too painful a process.  

We had a possibility of snow today, and had flurries off and on, but nothing stuck.  Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and cold, and then maybe more snow on Saturday.  I'm hoping for snow.  We missed the first snowfall when we were in California last month.  I have no where to go and I have food in the house, so I'm all prepared for it.  Crossing my fingers.....


  1. cute pilllowcases! great finish and good start yes!!!
    cute bags, a great idea , when my girls were little they would have loved to have treasure bags just for that their favorite treasures or toy at the moment! cute yarn

  2. Woo go girl!! Your little treasure purses are just w-a-y too cute! I don't think I have ever seen anything like these! Great idea!!

    And yes, I am allll about sweet little pillowcases! There you go with another great idea...His and Hers!!!

  3. Always fun to report a finish and you have a few. Pillow cases are fun to make and they give a personal touch to any bed. Those bags are darling. Pretty yarn is just as much fun as pretty fabric. Hope you get some snow. Just rain in the forecast here.

  4. Woohoo!!! Finishes!!! The treasure bags are awesome. I have actually been thinking about making something like this with fabric. I LOVE what you did. I think the eyelashes are cool!

  5. I love the fabrics in your pillowcases. Nice finishes. Hugs

  6. Your treasure bags really are treasures!

  7. Those treasure bags are so cute! I love the fuzzy indigo bag :)


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