Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's In YOUR Pantry?

 As promised in my last post, here are the closeups of my Witch's Pantry shelves.

Top shelf, left to right:
Shrinking Solution, Frog Legs, Flobberworm Mucus, Nettles, Eyes of Newt

Second shelf, L to R:
Draught of Living Death, Dust Bunnies, Spider Legs, Treats, Snake Fangs

Third shelf, L to R:
Boomslang Parts, Fluxweed, Tubeworms, Black Beetle Eyes, Lizard Gizzards

Bottom shelf, L to R:
Glumbumble, Magical Mess Remover, Lacewing Flies, Murtlap Tentacles

Some of these spell ingredients came from a Harry Potter website, some came about because of the fabrics I had, some were suggestions from my son and some just came out of my crazy brain!  It was fun finding fabrics that "looked" like the ingredients.  

You may find it difficult to read the labels.  I have a font that looks like spidery writing (called Rebuffed), which I thought was perfect for my witch to use. (If you like it, you can get it here at Urban Fonts, for free!)

I've been stalling on getting much more done on the Witch's Pantry, and decided to finish my blocks for the Block Lotto this month.  I'd really like to win this one, so I made the maximum number of 9 blocks.  This month is "Cool and Cream" - Jacob's Ladder blocks in "cool" colors (blues, greens, purples) with a cream fabric - and these are my favorite colors.  The block is pretty quick and easy to make, so they went fast.  I'm hoping to have good luck this month!

The other day, I took a deep breath and entered 3 quilts in the Western Washington Fair.  They'll be Officially Judged.  *gulp*  I hope the judges will be kind.

And now, back to working on the rest of the Witch's Pantry.  Wish me luck - my Quilter's ADD wants to start new projects instead!  I'm having to be quite stern with myself, and it's painful.  Aaaggghhhh!

Happy quilting!


  1. What fun, love all the different bottles in the witch's pantry, surprised with Black beetle eyes when I looked at the picture enlarged.

    Good luck with Block Lotto, your blocks look great.

  2. I love your witch's pantry quilt. The potions are great! We actually have nettles growing in our yard!
    I hope you win the block lotto! Maybe we should cast a spell?....;o)

  3. Flobberworm Mucus. heee hee hee. fab!

  4. Your witches pantry is hilarious. As for me, I'll take the treat jar with the chocolate. Good luck with your quilts being judged!! We know they are gorgeous, but did you have stitch out of place somewhere?? I am spinning my wheels with a quilt too. I like it and I want to 'git er dun' but can't make myself DO it.

  5. I love your witches pantry - very creative!
    I like to think about a quilt surviving 100 years and what will people think when they look it. This one will make them wonder why you made it and how you came up with all the clever names for the items in the pantry.

  6. Your pantry is quite funny!I think it is going to be a conversation starter, make sure you put it in a quilt show!

  7. Your ingredients are so fun!! I like Dust Bunnies and Glumbumble. I wish there was a potion for helping us stay focused on one project at a time... Love the cool and cream blocks.

  8. Good luck !!! With the block party and the show ;-)) Keeping my fingers crossed for you !!

  9. Squeals of delight here!
    You won!!! I get to mail you three of my blocks!
    Congratulations on that.
    Good luck on the judging and
    The bottles are a hoot.

  10. Congrats on winning, not that you get three of my blocks.

  11. I love this! Dust Bunnies LOL!

  12. Hi there , just to let you know my blog moved here http://patchysails2000.blogspot.com/


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