Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Festival of Scrappiness

It's finally time for the Festival of Scrappiness hosted by Rachel over at Stitched in Color.  On January 2nd this year, Rachel started the Scrap Attack and issued the challenge to all who were interested to make scrap quilts and projects.  Now it's time for everyone to show off their creations, and there's even prizes! 

Happy Scraps
63 x 82 inches

Here is my entry in the the festival.  "Happy Scraps" is all crumb blocks, which I learned about from Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.  I made the very first blocks about 5 or 6 years ago.  We were in the middle of selling the house and moving and I had to put all my sewing projects away to show the house.  I kept out a small bin of scraps and my machine while everything else went into storage for the duration.  When we actually sold the house and drove out of town, heading for the Pacific Northwest, this also came along in the car with me.  I've worked on these blocks off and on ever since, and yesterday this got put into a box and sent to my long-arm quilter for her to work her magic on it.  Yay!  

This actually ended up much bigger than I had originally envisioned.  You can see my "quilt holder" up above is struggling to hold it all up!  I was thinking just a lap quilt, but now it's big enough to snuggle into, or even to use on the bed.  I'm still a little unsure of how all this large-ness actually occurred.  

I got somewhat of a wild hair and decided to piece the back.  I started with this panel that I love and then decided to make it a log cabin block.  The world's largest log cabin block?  Probably not, but it sure felt like it!  I was trying to use up some fabrics that have been in the stash for too many years awhile.  Now that it's done, I'm not so sure I like it.  I'm hoping that the quilting will help.

Here are some random blocks, letting you see some of the fun fabrics I used.

I've made lots of other crumb blocks since I started, and even finished a few charity quilts with them.  But these are some of my favorite blocks, with fabrics that have meaning to me.  Lots of baby quilts, pillowcases and scraps of other quilts that I've made are in these.

I also used some random orphans and rejected bits.  That just adds to the fun!  Anything really does go in these crumb blocks.

Recently my quilt guild hosted a "crumb workshop" for the members.  Many of the members had never heard of crumb blocks and wanted to know how to make them.  They were fascinated by my quilt top.  It was a lot of fun.  We made enough blocks for about 9 charity lap quilts, and still have so many blocks in process that we'll be having another workshop to finish them.  Everyone that came had fun, and I think many of them are "hooked" now.

If you haven't tried crumb blocks yet, I suggest that you give it a try.  It's fun, and I call it therapy sewing.  There are no mistakes and it's stress free.  Plus, you get rid of some of the scraps and end up with something useful using something that might otherwise have been tossed out.

And now, please go visit the Festival of Scrappiness and see what all the other quilters have been up to.  There are some wonderful quilts to be seen!  And thanks for the kick in the pants to get this finished, Rachel!


  1. Sharon, I love your crumb quilt. I laughed when I saw SpongeBob and the Monopoly square. What a fun quilt and love the bright colors! I might have to try this!

  2. Really liked your crumb quilt. Crumb blocks are addicting, but I never seem to diminish the scrap pile! Also liked your panel and log cabin on the back--a "twofer" quilt--even better!

  3. Great crumb blocks and I love your back!

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! I need to start one - my scraps are waiting, making me feel guilty, lol. Good job on this, it's wonderful!

  5. what a wonderful quilt! love the bright scrappy look.:)

  6. Don't get me started. I've got too much work to do outside and I'm getting side tracked by just looking at your quilt. Wonderful.

  7. This is one of those posts that take a lot of time to look at!
    And then the link to all of them...OMG. I saved it, so I could go back and look and look and look!
    You have another gorgeous quilt.
    My sister is coming for the weekend. We will be watching...
    Dark Shadows.

  8. Amazing finish, I love all of its colorfulness!

  9. "Happy Scraps" - what a great name & it turned out wonderful!! Congrats on a really nice finish!

  10. That turned out GREAT! And good on you for hooking your guild members on making crumb blocks too. :- ) It's hard to believe that in this day and age there are quilters who haven't yet heard about or tried to make crumb blocks!

  11. Amazing what can be made with crumbs! Good luck with the prizes!
    I have some crumb blocks made and work on more every now and then. I like using my Featherweight because it doesn't have a 1/4" foot so I don't need to worry about seam allowance with these blocks. They are very freeing to make.

  12. love it! the sashing and posts really set those blocks off. whee, Spongebob!

  13. clapping....clapping!! This one is sooo scrappy (my fav)and cheerful!! Yippee on another finish. Girl, you are just on a roll!!!!

  14. Love your Scrappy Happy quilt. Love those crumb blocks. It is fun to look through them and remember in which project you used the fabrics.

  15. great quilt! love the log cabin block back! what fun. I have always wanted to make a scrappy quilt just one big log cabin block!
    Have a great week.
    btw love the monopoly fabric in your crumbs!


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