Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ta Da!

Doodle Bugs
26 inches square
Doodle Bugs is finished!  Yay!  It was actually done weeks ago, but I couldn't get a decent picture.  Finally, when the sun came out, I could get it.

Edited to add:  You can read all about how the Doodle Bugs came to be here.

I did a scrappy binding.  Mostly because I didn't have enough of any one fabric for the whole thing.  Besides, I think it's more fun, and this quilt told me it wanted to be fun.

You can see the great quilting that Shari did better on the back than on the busy front.  And this is why I sent it to her, instead of doing it myself.  Something this wonderful is way beyond my skills at this point.

Of course, the Quilt Inspector had to come and do the Softness Test.

And the Warmth Test.

The other evening, right before sundown, the rain let up some and the sun came out.  When I went into the Quilt Studio, I saw a rainbow.  So I ran downstairs, grabbing the camera, and out the front to see that it had become a double rainbow on the right hand end.  It's faint . . . can you see it?  We haven't seen a rainbow for a while now, and I love them.

I'm starting to feel a little better, but still am not quite up to snuff.  I've just started on the second antibiotic. I hope this will do the trick.  Right now, I have a good day about every other day.  So, I'm starting to be able to get into the Quilt Studio occasionally, and I'll hopefully have something more to show in a few days!

Question:  how do you feel about the new "Lightbox" feature that Blogger has started?  Do you like it?  I turned it off on my blog, because I don't care for it.  If you prefer it, let me know.  I don't think the photos enlarge well enough with the Lighbox and I like being able to see the details on the quilts.

Fall seems to be off to a good start here.  It's most definitely cooler, it's been raining, and some of the trees and  bushes are starting to turn color.  But what really tells me that it's Autumn is that we're having lots of noisy flocks of geese flying in to land on our pond and then noisily leaving again.  They don't stay long . . . they act like they're in a hurry to get South!  And it's sure getting dark a lot sooner now, and I've had to put a warmer quilt on the bed.  I love Autumn!  Happy Fall, y'all!


  1. Doodle Bugs is so cute!!! So glad it passed inspection too, the rainbow, I saw one on a clear day Tuesday, just a bit of one - weirdest thing - I think they call it a sundog. I tried to get pics, not sure if they came out yet. I hope you're feeling back to normal soon, hon.
    Never heard of Lightbox....I use flickr to host my pics.

  2. Your doodle bug pattern is so cute... love it

  3. Your doodle bugs are too cute ! And I love the scrappy binding ;-)) Glad you have a quilt inspector, too ... Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery from your health problems !!

  4. Darling Doodle Bugs! Your quilt inspector looks like he takes his job very seriously.

  5. That is just T-H-E cutest quilt Sharon!!! Shari was VERY creative with the quilting too!! It must feel pretty good to have a finish!!

    I'm cheer-leading that you will get to feeling better r-e-a-l soon!!! We need you to get back to your ole self!!

  6. Love the doodle bugs! so adorable!

  7. The doodle bugs are adorable. The quilt inspector is a hoot. and I don't like that lightbox thingie. I had seen it every once and a while, then i stopped seeing it and I was happy. It isn't on my blog is it? I like the big full pictures too.
    Hope your feeling good today!

  8. whee, fun to see this quilt finished. congrats! love the kitty pics!!!! ugh, lightbox, is that what it's called. annoys the *$*# out of me. turning it off on mine now.

  9. Glad you're feeling better. Hope you're tip-top again soon. Doodlebugs is SO cute! I love the way your quilts are given a test run and checked for quality. ;- ) The most help I get is rearranging the blocks if I leave them on the bed too long!

  10. So cute! fyi... Gwen is coming back to the NW next spring. Stay tuned to 2 Thimbles for updates. As for the photos, if you click on one pic and the new window shows up, in the bottom left there is a link. Click on that and you can get a new pic of the photo, click on the photo and you get a great close up. This, of course, only works if the photos have been uploaded in a manner that works. Some people size down their photos before posting so the "big" picture is the same.


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