Monday, April 11, 2011

Charmed, I'm Sure

I finally got my issues resolved and can now post.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I think it was more "operator headspace" than anything else.  Another "Duh!" moment.

Anyway, I can finally share what I was working on last week.  My two granddaughters were coming for their first sleepover here on Saturday, so I decided it was time to finish the quilt tops I started for them a couple of years ago.  You can see that post here

Strawberry Lemonade
40 in by 49 in
I used two different charm packs from Moda, using two matching charm packs per quilt top, and putting the squares together randomly.  And then some yardage for the borders.  I also made matching pillowcases.  Very easy, and no stress.  The quilts aren't very big, and the girls have grown since I sewed the tops!  But they still fit, so far. 

Dunkel always has to "help" with the photo shoot.

Much better, now he's all covered up in the quilt.  He actually stayed there for about 3 hours.

A better closeup to see the quilting design in both the middle of the quilt and the border. I did all of this quilting with the walking foot.

Blue flannel on the back . . . nice and cuddly!

Spring Meadow
40 in by 48 in
 I actually had 2 pieces of  "leftover" pieces of batting in my stash that were pretty darn close to the right size, and didn't have to cut into big pieces of batting, or buy anything new.  That made me happy.

I decided to just do the same design on this one too.  Easy-peasy.

But I did free-motion on this border.  It's not very good, but it's finished, and that's the best thing.  I'm not real happy with how I did, but I'm not going to rip it out either.  Maybe someday I'll get better at this.

This one has purple flannel on the back . . . more cuddles.

Both girls loved their quilts, and the sleepover was a great success. 

What was fun (and funny) was that both girls wanted to do some sewing while they were here.  The oldest one even brought her own sparkly purple fabric!  We made a pillowcase for her small travel pillow on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday morning they both wanted to do more sewing, so we made pillows for their stuffed toys.  More of the sparkly purple got used, and some pink fabric (of course!) for the youngest girl.  I forgot to get any pictures, unfortunately.  They were both pleased with their projects, which made me happy!  I'm hoping next time to have them do some of the sewing themselves.  I think they're old enough to (carefully) use the machine.

Being a grandma can sure be a lot of fun! 


  1. Love this post! What fun!! The quilts are really cute...bright and girly. I bet they loved them. I especially like the quilting! Very nice. Being a gma is the BEST gift!

  2. What a great time with your grandgirls! I love being a grandmother too. We are keeping our grandsons for the next few days while their parents are on a cruise. I love simple quilts like this that highlight the fabrics. I too am struggling with free motion. I really want to do it and I have seen some that looks great, just not from my machine!!

  3. I love kids' quilts, and these are no exception! Bright, fun, cheery -- and especially wonderful because they're made by Grandma. Sounds like you really enjoy being with your grandkids.

  4. Oh, That DOES sound like fun! lovely quilts too!

  5. Glad to hear your issues are resolved hon! LOVE the quilts and so glad the girls loved them too. How darling they both want to sew, they'll remember the days of sewing at Nana's knee! There's so much magic in taking a flat piece of fabric and making something so useful out of it.

  6. Cozy quilts and great story. Kids will always remember the fun they had with you.

  7. They must love them! Both of my granddaughters (3 & 7) are into sewing, which is good because my daughter wants no part of it! They are so fun.

  8. Yes, being a grandmother is so fun. I cannot wait until our granddaughter gets big enough so that we can "play" on the sewing machine. Her mom does not sew, either, so it will be up to grandma to pass on the craft. Did your granddaughters know that you were making them quilts, or was it a surprise?

  9. oh hurrah!!! that is so much fun you've got the kids interested in sewing with you. cute quilts - it's always so unfortunate that getting good at things takes practice. the quilting looks good to me, as do the quilts. cute!

  10. I haven't had the courage to play around with the new options Blogger has made available. All I know is that it's taking me longer to get my posts to look the way I want them to! Simple formatting shouldn't be such a challenge IMO.

    I think I have a couple of years to go before I'll have any granddaughters ready to tackle sewing. The oldest can't sit still long enough yet. I might be able to hook the next one though! And I'll bet one of the twins will be interested, based on what we know of her personality so far. So my turn is coming! Your quilts turned out cute. I'm not much for free motion quilting either. Mostly because I won't take the time to practice I bet ;- )


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