Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's Day and Liberated Progress

Isn't this a beautiful table? This was our table for the Mother-Daughter Tea we went to on Saturday. I had a wonderful time with my DIL, 2 granddaughters and my friend/DIL's mom. (yes, I'm friends with my co-grandmother! I think it's great!) The girls looked so pretty in their pink dresses, and were so well-behaved and careful. They had fun too, I hope! We all thought the tea was a pretty special event.

While we were at the tea, DH and DS went to the Open House at the private airstrip near us. DS is currently working toward getting his private pilot's license, and loved seeing all the planes on display. Then they went to the U-Fish place and caught some trout for dinner.

After the fishing and the tea, everyone came to our house and we had a BBQ. Instead of "Surf and Turf", we had "Lake and Steak"! (DH's funny take on it!) Everyone had a chance to visit, but it went by all too quickly.

On Sunday, DH made a wonderful breakfast for us, after he let me sleep in. Then I spent the rest of the day in the Quilt Studio! And DH had all day to spend in the Pottery Studio. We had leftovers for dinner, so it was easy. A wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

So, here's the progress I've made on my Liberated Amish challenge. I have the center of the quilt all put together. I've started working on my wonky letters/word. I only have two more letters to make, and then I can start putting the border togther. I'll have another opportunity for creativity with the borders, as I don't have enough of any one fabric to do the entire border.

As I was looking at the Lib Amish quilt hanging on the design wall yesterday, I thought perhaps the quilt was billowing out in the breeze from the window. But then I realized that it's the wonky 9-patches themselves that are creating an "Op Art" effect . . . . they look like they're curving. That was a fun surprise!


  1. I love a beautiful table and that one is gorgeous, the china is great. I also love your wonky quilt. The "op art" effect is so interesting. Great job.

  2. Super, super quilt! I love it!

  3. The table is so beautiful - the tea sounds fun! Of course so does the fishing, lol. I love to fish. Lake and Steak - too funny.
    I love this quilt so much, you're right, the blocks look curved, how cool is that!

  4. Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day. Great wonky nine patch.

  5. Lib Amish quilt is looking great, love the curved effect.

    Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day too x

  6. Love that quilt--it's super

  7. Your "tea" table was beautiful. China is to be used! Your LibAm is really beautiful, I'm hung up on the letters. It's next on my list as soon as I finish a swap block project.

  8. Hello,這裡真是百看不厭的部落格........................................

  9. Pretty and I love the modern take on the traditional Amish. It's subtle and I really like it.


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