Sunday, May 23, 2010

Field Trip Acquisitions

As promised, here are the "results" of my field trip last Monday. But first, I have to show you the results of the workshop I took Friday. One of the members of my guild presented this.

Ta-Dah! We learned how to do this nifty weave-type design. We made bookmarks with this. It's easier than it looks. I will say, though, that new Fray-Check works much better than 10-year-old Fray Check! And it didn't improve it to iron it while it was wet. But everything came out well. The bookmark on the right was my choice of fabrics (with the not-so-good Fray Check on it). The left-most one was the teacher's fabrics, my construction. The second one went better, of course. And, I learned - again - the value of contrast. But I think this is a very cool technique. I'll do it again, on something.

On to the field trip now. Above are the fabrics I bought at Quiltworks Northwest. Most of them are fat quarters with a couple of half-yards for the two batiks at upper left.

These are what I got at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics. The pink and blue were the sale fabrics, and I got enough to make a couple of pillowcases. I got two of the "cat" fat quarters. I not only love that it says Cats, Cats, Cats, but it also has lots of cool fonts. I'm a "font junkie". . . . I LOVE fonts! I have something like 700 fonts on my computer, and I use a LOT of them, mostly for making greeting cards.

Now on to That Patchwork Place. Everyone got a free calendar. And the craft books were "buy 1, get 1 free". So, these were hard to pass up.

I've started playing with beads lately. Maybe I'll show my silly stuff one of these days. I'm just making simple stretchy bracelets. More of the "playing with pretty colors" addiction!

Here are some of the books I bought. I'm enjoying looking at all of them right now. Remember, all of these books were $5!!!

Here are more of the books. Simple Comforts is by Kim Diehl, and I have 3 other books by her. And the Points of View book is by Valerie Hearder, and I'm finding it very exciting and inspirational. I'm gonna have to do some of these one day soon.

And there's more books that I bought, but they're for birthday and Christmas presents, so I'm not showing them here. Sorry. But trust me, they're good ones too!

Here are the patterns I bought. These were $3 each.

And here's the beads I bought. They don't look too exciting here, but I needed some findings and there was a good selection at Quiltworks NW/Beads and Beyond. And the prices were pretty good, I think.

Here's the little yellow bird that had to come home with me. He's so cute, and just the right spot of color to go with all my blue glass.

Now you can see why I needed help carrying all my purchases into the house when we got home! This should keep me happy for quite a while.

I hope everyone is visiting all the bloggers participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. There's so many beautiful quilts to see, and the best part is the wonderful stories that each one has to tell.

Well, tonight is the final Lost episode. Are you going to watch it? I am. I've watched every episode all these years. DH is pretty disgusted with the show, and has a rather negative attitude about the ending. I'm hopeful that the ending will be good, but not too sure it's gonna turn out that way. So, we'll see. My DD hasn't seen the show in a few years, and says she's gonna wait until it's all over, then go read the plot on Wikipedia!


  1. Hmmm...old fray check...I think I am using my original bottle from who knows when. Better get some more!

    Your field trip was way too much fun!

  2. You certainly got some amazing finds! I want to come shopping with you.

  3. I love your bookmarks! I'd better check the date on my own fray check though, lol Wow I love everything you got - I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for Points Of View, it looks like a winner. I'm a font junkie too, love the cats fabric! Your little yellow bird looks very happy surrounded by all that blue.

    So what did you think of Lost? First show in my life that I saw every episode. I must say I was not happy....

  4. too on the fray check. What great book bargains girl!!!

    I must comment on your field fabrics and white picket fences all at the same place...I.LIKE.

    I am soo behind on everything and everyone...I guess I won't participate in Amy's Quilt Festival.

    Looks like you have a wonderful collection of colbalt blue's!!!

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  6. What a fun and productive field trip. You bought a great bunch of books and patterns. Now we will expect to see some new projects, yes?

  7. 一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆........................................


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