Monday, March 29, 2010

Quilt Show Part 2

Here are the rest of the quilt photos from the Quilter's Anonymous quilt show in Monroe, WA.

Key Lime Pie by Wendy Stone

This was done in a class with Sandy Bonsib, using her pattern. I just love the colors in this one. . . fresh and juicy!

Paws on the Road to Innovation by Leona Broers

This was one of the guild's challenge quilts. They had to use a particular fabric, and also had to re-work a traditional block pattern. I believe the challenge fabric is the red-orange in the upper right block.

Purple Passion by Linda Ostroff

This center panel is wool applique.

Convergence Quilt by Julie Robbins

Giant Poppy by Michaelinda Kaestner

There were a lot of silks in this one. . . it just glowed.

Still Open to Discussion: Shark Teeth, Dinosaur Backs or Electric Storm by Elaine Colvin

I love the title of this quilt!

Super Nova by Kathi DeJong

Christy's Bandana Agenda by Alayne Pettyjohn

Do you ever go to a quilt show, and find that you're drawn to all the quilts by one particular person? That happens often to me, now that I'm making a point of noticing the names of the artists.

This quilt show had A LOT of chicken quilts. They even had a special section for most of them. Let me know by leaving a comment if you'd like to see the chicken quilts. . . I can do another post with them if enough people are interested. Personally,I liked the chicken quilts. They had a lot of whimsical humor in them. And I really like whimsical.


  1. Key Lime Pie was my favorite. I loved seeing all of them though! Please make a post showing the Chicken quilts, I would love to see them.

  2. love that giant poppy quilt just beautiful!!!
    oh yes love chicken quilts please share them with us too!
    I have to agree I always search out quilts by certain quilters in local guild shows

  3. I hadn't even realized the QA show had come and gone already. It's amazing how quickly one can lose touch when you can't participate directly.

    Thanks for sharing your photos of the quilt show. I would like to see the chicken quilts too.

  4. Yes, let us see the chicken quilts. All the quilts pictured are wonderful, but I absolutely love the green and purple quilt! My husband and I have gone to enough quilt shows that we are recognizing particular quilters' quilts. He has his favorites, and I have mine.

  5. Thanks for showing the quilts and I vote Yes on the chicken quilts. I love chickens (made of fabric and fried) but the real ones always scared me when I was little and sent to collect their eggs.

  6. Oh, I love Key Lime Pie and Super Nova! Gorgeous!


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