Saturday, March 06, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Bunny is hoping it is! I've pulled out a little quilt that was on the very bottom of my box of little quilts. I haven't seen it in 3 years! It looks so Spring-like to me.

I stencilled this quilt to match the plaid fabric in it. I fell in love with this plaid when it was used in some quilts on display in my LQS many years ago. I only bought a yard of it, and have used it a couple of times. I even have a few scraps left of it. Anyway, I did a demo on stencilling and needed something to show that was finished. I hand-quilted this one. Unfortunately, this is soooo pastel that it doesn't photograph really well.

Stencilled Baskets 20 inches by 25 inches

Here's an overall photo of it. Not quite true colors, I'm afraid. It's hard to get good photos in this house, and we even had sunshine today! The sun washed the colors out even more. *sigh* The first photo is probably closest to true color, because I took that one outside.

A closeup of the stencilling.

I've been doing some sewing lately, but nothing I can show yet. Some of it is a secret and some of it is not finished enough to show.

One project I'm working on, I was hoping to use some scraps. This kind of snowballed on me, and I ended up spending all last Sunday sorting 3 boxes of scraps and then getting the quilt studio back together after I made a huge mess finding the boxes of scraps. Here's what the family room looked like in the middle of it:

All the stuff on the coffee table was sorted by color, and the stuff on the sofa was other catagories.

I got rid of 3 boxes in the quilt studio, and gained 3 bins! This all needs to be ironed and cut up into Quiltville's Bonnie's Scrap User System. This looks like a LOT of ironing and cutting! But I think, until I get it all done, I can find scraps easier.

Do I have too many scraps?? Some of these are relatively recent and some are old friends and I'm saving every little scrap because I love it so much. Mind you, this is about 25 years worth of quilting scraps. I guess I really have to admit that I'm a fabricholic! And I need to make more scrap quilts!

So, tell me, how many scraps do you have? And what do you do with them? Come on, 'fess up!

Papa Bin, Mama Bin and Baby Bin! hee hee!


  1. Busy girl! I like the spring wally, very cute. I am ready for spring too, I think I will get out my spring wally too.

  2. That little quilt is darling - I love the plaid! You HAVE been busy with scraps. I don't save mine - well, very special ones I do, but mostly I don't. I have no room for saving!

  3. What a sweet little quilt. We've had 2 gloriously sunny days and today is the 3rd in a row. So YES, definitely ready for Spring. Honestly I do not have tons of scraps because I donate much of them to a friend who quilts for charities. The scraps I do have are being used in string projects. I love scrap quilts and often wonder why I haven't made more of them.

  4. You can never have too many scraps! If that's 25 years worth I am in deep, deep trouble as that's 17 more years than I currently have and I have many more scraps then you showed in your picture. But scrap quilts are my favorite so I like having all of my scraps to choose from.

  5. Yes, I'm ready for Spring. I also think that you never can have too many scraps. I have 4 bins:
    1- 1 1/2" strips, squares, bricks
    1- 2" strips, squares, bricks
    1- 2 1/2" strips, squares, bricks
    1- scraps waiting to be cut (the largest bin) These seem to be the handiest sizes for me.
    I love the Spring quilt.

  6. Good job! My scrap storage "system" is still evolving. I have probably a couple of shoe boxes and about nine gallon-size bags of scraps... that come immediately to mind. There may be more, hiding somewhere!

  7. Now that I've been quilting a few years, I definitely have scraps! But I've never had the nerve to use Bonnie's system -- always afraid I'll cut something into strips that I want a bigger square of. So I have plastic drawers on wheels and have different colors of scraps in each drawer. Hardly perfect, but better than no organization at all.

  8. that is all for 25 years? hmmm, not so much in my eye...I stuffed a travel bag full of my favorite current scraps..not all of them, but plenty for what I wanted to play with. anyway, I have resisted doing too much cutting ala Bonnie style...though I think there is real value in having an approach like it. love your sweet little Spring quilt.

  9. Sharon - my scraps are in bins, bags, and baskets. I throw very little away, so I have lots more scraps. Wouldn't it be fun to get our scraps together and let them have a play date? Sorry I did not get to talk to you at retreat. We missed you.

  10. OH YES...that sweet little pastel quilt can just hop on over to Texas with the Easter Bunnies!!
    Your stencilling is great!!
    ...LOL...and you crack me up with your scraps spread out everywhere...I was looking real close...kind of doing a little shopping...seeing what all you had..HA!
    Don't you just LOVE Bonnie's scrap system...I use those little 3 drawer plastic bins you can buy at Walmart.


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