Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Little Progress and a New Toy

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice family celebration, except that my poor DH was not feeling well, so he didn't come. We all missed him. I brought home some turkey dinner for him, but it's just not the same, I'm afraid. Poor guy, he's still not feeling so good.

I've made a little more progress in the quilt studio. I've gotten enough stuff cleared and put away that I can now get to the sewing machine . . . Yay! I still can't access my cutting table, even though I've moved some stuff. But I just needed to sit and sew for a few days. I have a small cutting station on part of the desk that the sewing machine is on, so that helps. Maybe this week I can get the cutting table all cleared off.

Here is what I've been sewing. I was making 9-Patches with the charm-like squares I showed in the previous post. I have 22 9-Patches now. Enough, I think, to make a small throw.
I'm not so sure I actually like this. The colors are too dark to my mind, but that may just be the dark, gloomy weather we're having. I may like it better after I've sliced and diced it into the Disappearing 9-Patch. If I don't like it any better, I'll probably donate it to charity.

Notice my little helper in the bottom left corner in that photo. Dunkel was deciding if he liked my layout. . . . I guess he didn't, because he re-arranged it later! Cats . . . they're such critics! hee hee!

This bright image and the one at the top of my post are from a cool on-line widget that my DearDaughter told me about. It's lots of fun to play with. Be sure you scroll down to see the different "brushes" you can use. You have to guess which brush does what, and you have no control (that I can tell, anyway) over the colors. Just hold down the left mouse button to drag the brush and see what you get!
I'll show you a few more screen shots (because a post without pretty pictures is just boring):

You can even use different brushes on the same canvas and combine effects. Too much fun!


  1. Sorry your DH didn't have a great Thanksgiving. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    That site is great fun. Thanks for the link.

  2. Poor hubby! I hope he feels better soon. No fun to be sick on a holiday!
    I like your the scrappy look to it. That site looks fun!

  3. That looks like a fun widget to play with! I'll have to go check it out.

    Poor DH. Hope he gets over his bug soon. Our walking petrie dishes were here over the weekend and I have to say that I'm feeling a little less than 100% myself... Maybe I just had a bit too much to eat!


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