Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Big Mess!

This is what my quilt studio looked like this morning. . . . like a bomb went off in here! Yikes!

For my birthday, my DH finally made me some more shelves to go in my armoires, for storing fabric, and I've been in the process of transferring fat quarters around. The armoires only had 2 shelves each and it was a big waste of space for what I needed them to do. So, one more shelf per armoire solved my problem!

This is where I've been storing many of my fat quarters. Not very easy or convenient to access, as I'm not 6 foot tall, and those bins are heavy. Not to mention that there's stuff in front of the shelves most of the time, like the ironing board. So, most of the time, I just didn't bother to get the bins down to use the FQ's. Kind of defeats the purpose of having them, doesn't it?

So, I've been working on this for a few days, and in the process have turned the quilt studio into a complete mess. I had stuff in the armoires and on the floor in front of the armoires, and stuff in the little plastic shoeboxes that I had purchased to put the FQ's in. It's been a process, let me tell you! Especially with one arm not functioning too well. I over-did the first day and had a lot of pain that night. I tried to go easier on it today, and we'll see how it feels tonight. I'm trying to pace myself, but what I really want to do is SEW, so I'm kind of pushing myself to get this done enough that I can clear a place to sew again. Never mind cutting! I still have a bunch of stuff that needs to be put away. Ugh.

Finally, all the fat quarters are transferred to their new homes! This is Armoire #1. I decided to leave the hand-dyes and marbled fabrics in stacks, because it's too hard to tell what they look like when they're bundled like the FQ's. I shuffle through them often, and I don't want to have to re-fold them all the time. So, it looks messy, but it suits my methods.

And this is Armoire #2. And yes, all the drawers in both armoires are full of FQ's too. (Have I ever mentioned how buying FQ's is like buying penny candy?? Especially when this vendor was at every quilt show I went to for years??) I even have a tiny bit of room left in the drawers . I'm really trying to not buy any more fat quarters ever again! Rarely, I'll buy one if that's all there is available and I love the fabric. But, I don't think I need any more!

I had no idea how many fat quarters I had until we moved into this house and I started storing the FQ's separately from yardage. Wow, they're not all that easy to store. I've been using this book to help me set up my studio, and she doesn't address this issue well enough for my amount of FQ's. (Otherwise, I love the book - it's been incredibly helpful.) And, that may be a hint that perhaps I have too many FQ's!

So, how do you store your FQ's? Please share with me!

Anyway, now that I have them more easily available, hopefully they'll start getting used up. I've been collecting patterns for FQ quilts lately, with that goal in mind. If I could quit injuring myself, maybe I could get more sewing done . . . . I need to remember this!!

Sorry there's no quilt-y content this post. I did manage to get about 3 or 4 9-patches sewn before the mess happened, but I haven't taken any pictures. Hopefully soon.

As I was working in the quilt studio this afternoon, I happened to notice this happening out in the street. This dastardly duo was enticing the ducks away from the pond, out of the park and down the street with bread crumbs. It looks like their bag has a LOT of bread in it! And these are our resident ducks, who are big greedy guts.

Sorry this picture is so fuzzy. I tried to get another one, but my camera battery died. While I was gone to get more batteries, they all disappeared. I have no idea what those boys had in mind to do with the ducks. . . maybe they were gonna be dinner!

By the way, just FYI, it's very hard to type with the cat's head resting on top of one's hand! I wonder if he wants some attention??


  1. I love organized fabric but I have to agree, up too high doesn't do any good. I just avoid reaching for it. I wish I lived closer, I would come over and do a bunch of cutting for you.

  2. Cleaning and organizing really takes it out of you - please take it easy! You do have a lot of fat's, and I like how you're storing them now. I have a dresser drawer I keep mine in...I don't have a lot.
    I used to have a long shelf that ran across one side of the room, but like you, I found it was too high and took it down.
    Mmmm duck for!

  3. Good for you! One big tidy up, but how long will it stay like that.

    I recognise the IKEA cabinet. That's what I want in my kitchen.

  4. Doesn't it feel wonderful when the job is done? Why is it we ALWAYS have to make a huge mess before we can restore order? I am a fat quarter junkie.....I understand completely.

  5. It looks so nice & organized in your sewing room now. With all that fabric within arms reach you'll be sewing up a storm! Iused to buy a lot of fat quarters but now I get 2 yards minimum. Then they fold neatly on the shelf. I have my small collection of fat quarters on shelves, too, but usually I cut them into strips or squares and add them to the bins.

  6. Your "messy" studio would be an improvement in my sewing room. I don't even dare look at it too closely myself. One of these days I have to get it cleaned up!! But, for now I have another quilt to make..

  7. You are so organized now. It looks wonderful. Do you think you can keep it that way? I know I couldn't.

  8. I've managed to resist the FQ urge most of the time so I don't have too many. At least I have that going for me! I need to do some reorganizing in my studio too but am trying hard to put that off until after the new year... ;- )

  9. Wow, I'm jealous. And I thought that I had too many fat quarters!

  10. Always such great room watching others clean and organize! Give us good ideas but most of all, it makes us all feel better to know that we all have moments of chaos and quiet desperation and then clarity and light..even if some things are always too high for the more vertically challenged ;) And...if the ducks end up in the news, you've got the photo footage to indict both of the boys and to remember the ducks by ;)


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