Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is brought to you by. . .

the letters "W" and "O".

I'm gonna try to do a short post here, while dinner is cooking.

Well, I've started my letters/word for Lazy Gal Tonya's Halloween Noises quilt. Here is my first attempt. It's only the 2nd "W" I've ever made, and I was going for round/curvy. OK, there's a little curve there, but not really what I had envisioned.

I do like my first "O". I think it came out nice and curvy. "O" is pretty easy though.

So, time to cut into the "good" fabric and see what I can do. I thought this was pretty good when I did it. Then I saw the "cackle" that Rachael sent to Tonya. Oh, despair! This "W" looked pretty darn sad after that.

Yesterday didn't go as planned and I never made it into the quilt studio. That was probably a good thing. I got to think this over a little more.

Today I went in the quilt studio and looked at the "W" with new eyes, and thought "I can just modify this a bit to make it more curvy". I just cannot fathom how to do what Rachael did, so I have to do my own thing. Well, I think this one is OK. Mind you, these are just laying on top of the background fabric, not sewn together yet, but I think this is gonna work.

What do you think?? Are they curvy/roundish enough? How could I make them more curvy without going nuts? I'd love some feedback on these letters. (Just please, be kind)

Gotta go. . .time to finish dinner!


  1. I think they're great. W is a hard letter, and yours is just fine. I looked at Rachel's cackle and shook my head too -- that's a lot of little bitty pieces.

  2. I love the roundish W, and your O is terrific! Keep going!

    I am so much enjoying being a part of this quilt!

  3. Nice letters, I like the last set the best!

  4. Sharon, you are doing GREAT! don't you dare compare yourself to Rach, you have a different level of experience. These are some of your first letters and look how incredible they are. that is an awesome rounded W - I'd never have thought to make it that way. excellent o's too! ((ooh, ooh, please send me the leftovers if you won't use them.)) they're wonderful stop worrying.

  5. they have a very "Pumpkin" shape/feel to them! stick with it! awesome!

  6. I agree with all of your other fans your letters are great. Can hardly wait to see the finished word, your style is your own.

  7. I think these look great! Start with what you already have, finish the rest of the word, and then assess how it all looks together. You may be happier with it in the end than you currently expect :- )

  8. Why Sharon...these are 'excellent'!
    I think your last photo shows they are a 'good' curvy....I think the level of curvy is just right!!

  9. ditto to all the above. your letters are great!

  10. wow..your W is fantastic...I think doing it your way is wonderful...!

  11. Great going. I'm just learning these things myself.


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