Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's Here!!

Whoo hooo! I'm so excited! I LOVE this book! I think it may be better than the 1st Collaboration. The pictures are luscious. The quilts are wonderful. Freddy has a chapter of discussion of color, and Gwen has a chapter on antique quilts and how she is influenced by them (my favorite!) The Parts Department is here again, with some new parts. A lot to digest.

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the book:

Red Sticks

House Top

Liberated Wedding Ring

Marzella's Quilt

It's a good thing that this came. I have some time now to read it and plan and dream. You see, I injured myself while traveling home from California. I didn't realize how bad at first, but when it didn't stop hurting, I decided I'd better go to the doctor. I have De Quervain's tenosynovitis. It's a very painful inflamation of the tendon from the thumb to the wrist. The doctor gave me this to wear:

I "get" to wear this for 4 to 6 weeks. (excuse the photo - it's tough to take a picture of your own arm - left-handed!) Ugh! Of course, it's my right thumb and I'm right-handed. I'm trying to learn to do things left-handed. And thank goodness my DH is here and willing to help. And he can cook! But this is definitely gonna slow me down in the quilt studio. *sigh* I wonder if I can learn to rotary cut left-handed without slicing off fingers?? I can type - slowly, but better than handwriting. So, excuse me if I mistype or don't post as often. I'll do my best! (and I'll try not to whine)


  1. Ow, sorry to hear you injured yourself. That is why I'm always doing so much cutting, preparing for a time that I might not be able to. My estate sale will be full of precut fabric, LOL.

    I'm going to have to get the book too since I have the first one already.

  2. Oh wow...I'm sooo oh how will you cope without sewing???? That book is a must have on my list.....and oh yeah...*LOL* I want to know when and where Exuberant Color's Estate Sale will be!!!

  3. Oh I am soooo jealouse! I want that book so bad! Thank you so much for the pictures! Just makes me want it so much more! (pouting bottom lip sticking out) So sorry for your wrist hurting. I get it in my elbows. No useing the wrist and lots of anti inflamitories. right? Good thing you dh can cooks so you won't starve. lol you can't dust, do laundry, vacume, do dishes,

  4. I like the sticks quilt. I haven't even got No. 1 yet, but am hoping to get both at the same tile which will be a real treat.

    Sorry about your thumb and wrist. Cher's physio leant her a special rotary cutter. Have a look on her blog - Marathon Quilter.

  5. sorry about your injury. Thank goodness that fabulous book arrived so at least you can spend your healing time being inspired.

  6. Sorry for the injury! I did not know Freddy and Gwen have a new book out. I have their other one and I Love it.

  7. What a godsend to have that book to drool over while you give your thumb and wrist a rest. I'm going to have to see if I can get that book electronically; I'm sure the fumes from the printing process will be more than my poor body can cope with. I have their first book and get sick every time I try to look at it :(

  8. ouch and woohoo! so sorry you've hurt yourself - fingers crossed it heals up really quickly. That book looks marvelous - I love that Liberated Wedding Ring- that's my kinda quilt. Can hardly wait to get my copy - it's like Christmas!

  9. HI Sharon,
    Sorry to see that you have hurt your hand - hope that it is not too painful for you.
    I am looking forward to getting Freddy and Gwen's new book too. Mine should soon be here in the mail- you have certainly whet my appetite for it. I really loved the first one..
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  10. Amazon said my book is on the way and I can't wait. Thanks for the preview.

    Good luck with your hand. I am having foot problems so I certainly understand.

  11. I am so sorry you have an injury. Your new book looks like fun. I really enjoy when Freddy and Gwen collaborate. It is awesome! Get well quickly.

  12. waiting for my copy to arrive-so I am glad to get a peek of yours. I had a cast on my right hand-at least yours looks like it comes off for showers. I did not like trying to rotary cut with my left hand..but I learned to do a lot with it..tendons are nasty when you injure them! so sorry to hear this has afflicted you

  13. Poor sharon! So sorry you're hurt. Heal quickly so you can get back to more sewing fun. This is a good time for planning and designing along with perusing cool books like Freddy and Gwen's. Take care!!!

  14. OH Sharon, So sorry about your wrist and thumb! Is this something that will heal in time? Or will it recurr when you start using it again? Wishing you a speedy recovery! Gives you time to plan your next Gwen inspired quilt! HAHAHA


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