Friday, January 30, 2009

Around The Rainbow?

Here is my Rainbow block. Well, maybe it's more of a color "wheel". I got the idea for this one morning as I was waking up. I get some of my best ideas as I'm waking up or going to sleep. Anyway, it dawned on me that I could do somewhat like a color wheel with a 9-Patch block. And, it worked! Well, I think so, anyway. I'm happy with this one. The page is really much more square than this. I took a wonky picture, apparently.

By the way, when and/or where do you get your best ideas? Waking up, doing the dishes, ironing, or playing in the quilt studio? Driving in the car? Daydreaming over coffee? Or surfing the quilt blogs? Leave me a comment, as I'd love to hear your answers!

I've been working away on my free-pieced letters for my Witch's Pantry. They're actually coming out pretty good, but I've only done the easy ones so far. Sorry, no pictures yet. I won't make the deadline, but I'll be in the neighborhood, I think. Then I'll show some pictures.

Speaking of free-piecing, go take a look at what Julie of Through The Barn Door made for her Valentine's quilt. You can see it on this post. I think she did a great job, and she steps you through her projects and thought processes. Fun!

My sister is coming to visit this weekend. Yay! I love when she visits. We're going to drive up to Bellingham on Saturday. My niece (her daughter) is going to college up there. DH and I have never been there before, so we're looking forward to seeing both the town and our niece.

The next installment of Heroes starts on Monday. I was asleep at the wheel and missed Lost this week. Somehow I thought it was next week. (And why is it back on Wednesday?) But I love watching it on the internet - fewer commercials. I just need a big screen monitor! *grin* And then, on Friday the 13th, The Sarah Connor Chronicles starts up again, and then The Dollhouse. I'm really looking forward to Dollhouse. I have high hopes for it, it being the creation of Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and Buffy and Angel. We don't watch a lot of TV around here (I'd rather sew than watch most of the stuff on TV), but what we do watch, we really get in to. I can't find out when the Dr. Who Christmas Special will be shown on Sci Fi channel. I know it just aired on BBC America. Does anyone else know?? If you do, please leave me a comment or email me! I don't want to miss it, as they never have it available over the internet. Gotta get my "Doctor" fix! Oh, and if anyone else gets BBC America and likes Science Fiction, take a look at Primeveal. We've watched it and really enjoy it. It's very well done. Nobody does SciFi like the Brits!

Well, enough babbling for one post. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Sharon. I like the rainbow block! I find that I get my best ideas in dreams. If I need a solution to a problem, I usually think about it while falling asleep and if I'm lucky, I wake up with the solution! When I was starting my hand dyed fabric business this came in handy quite a bit.

  2. I don't know that I have idea moments, as much as inspirational moments. I have these wild "I can do it" moments when I think I can do anything! Usually after I have calmed down a bit, I realize I was way out of my realm. But if I don't think big once in a while, then I do not feel I am reaching at all. Love the rainbow piece.

  3. Love your rainbow block...what a cute idea!

  4. I seem to get the most ideas looking at books of antique Amish quilts. at least lately. I'm looking forward to Dollhouse but I'm worried about it being on in the Friday death slot. Don't want to get emotionally attached and then have them cancel it. But I'll do it anyway because it's a Joss Whedon show.

  5. It looks great with the B/W stripe fabric border....I too get ideas that way...the only thing about the ideas that come right before I fall asleep is that alot of those get forgotten before morning...I have been known to get up out of bed and write it down though.

  6. Lovely. Best ideas? Hummmm. Lying in bed at night unable to sleep, going through fabrics and books in my mind. Suddenly WHAM! and then I still can't get to sleep as I get all excited and want to get started right away.

    Can't help you re Dr Who I'm afraid, but I do know who is going to replace the gorgeous David next year (grin).

  7. Love Dr. Who...particularly the old ones with trash-can aliens!

    I get my best ideas when I am walking...I need to be away from whatever I am working on (or not working on) to look at a new way.

  8. Yes, I also get ideas just from doing the dishes. My mind wanders while watching TV sometimes, so I keep a journal next to the chair.

  9. I really love your rainbow page! I found Tanya's letters completely and unfathomly difficult. They look so easy, but I struggle even with the easy ones. But I can do a fabulous 'T'! I love the Doctor, I'll have to check out Primeveal, I saw the adverts, but haven't watched yet. I'll Tivo it!

  10. The rainbow block is nice too. I still need to get started on this project, I love it.

    I get ideas everywhere, but do sometimes plan quilts before I get up in the morning.


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