Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Arrives!

Happy Winter Solstice! We have had this scene in our front yard for the entire has snowed every single day here. That's very unusual for here. Usually this precipitation would be rain. And none of the snow has melted, either.

I walked around the house taking pictures on Thursday, after we managed to get to the grocery store. This is my little ceramic bunny in the snow on Thursday. He doesn't look very happy, does he?

This is what he looked like this morning! He's really not happy! I didn't go outside to take his picture, just shot out the window. It's too cold to go tromping around today!
Monday Update: Bunny is now completely covered in snow. There's a little dome where his head used to be. I'm sure he's frowning under there. LOL!
But, I have managed to finish my Christmas shopping. We got to the store on Saturday morning, along with most of the residents of the surrounding area, and got home in the nick of time! It started snowing again while we ate our lunch. And it snowed and snowed and snowed! Then we had quite a windstorm last night and another 4 or 5 inches of snow. We have around 8 to 10 inches on the ground now, because some of it blew off to another county. It warmed up to 32 degrees for about an hour today and we got a little rain, then the temperature dropped again and we now have a nice crunchy crust on our snow.
I'm having flashbacks to those winters in Michigan when I was growing up!
The kids here have gotten to start their holiday vacations a couple of days early. Some people are getting out - those with snow tires and/or 4-wheel drive. Because we live out in the boonies and the roads in our neighborhood don't get plowed or salted. The main road (highway) stays pretty clear, but we've got to drive 2 miles to get to it. And we don't have snow tires or chains, having previously lived in sunny California. So, it's an adventure to get out! We have to drive to the airport tomorrow because my FIL is coming for the holidays. I'm hoping it will be an uneventful trip there and back.

But we've been busy around here while watching the snow coming down. All the presents are bought, some are even wrapped. All the sewing is completed. (Of course, I can't show anything here because it will give away the secret. Maybe later, OK?) All the cards have been sent, the packages have been mailed and all the cookies have been baked. We decorated the sugar cookies this evening while watching a movie and trying to stay warm. All I have left to do now is to do some (not too much) housecleaning and to make a few plates of cookies to take to the neighbors. Whew!
This is so different for me! I'm usually working my fingers to the quick right up until the last minute. This is nice. And we're not sick either! *Knock on wood* I could get used to this!
I wish everyone a warm and very happy Holiday, whatever you celebrate!


  1. No snow in Ohio! Guess you got it all!!! Take care your ceramic bunny doesn't crack. I learned the hard way our first winter and left my ceramic pots, etc...out for the winter. When we thawed out they were all cracked.

  2. aye yay yay. time to get the snow tires etc. brrrrr.

  3. I saw that the NW was getting socked! That means you are homebound, right? We lived in Issy for 10 years. Have snow, no go! I love your red and green quilts!


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