Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

All the gifts are unwrapped, the wrapping paper is tossed out and we're getting back to normal. So, now I can show you some of the my secret sewing for Christmas that was occuring!

Above is some kitchen towels that I did for DD. I found this Debbie Mumm striped fabric with owls that was Perfect for DD - she LOVES owls! And, it was in her colors as well. So, I figured it couldn't miss. Quick and easy, and I like how they came out. I may be making some for me, in my colors, of course! (please, no owls and no orange!)

My main sewing was making pillowcases for lots of people. I love finding fabrics to suit each person. I also get the bonus of a little leftover fabric to spark up my scraps.

These two were for DS (on the left) - he's "into" planes (15 years in the Air Force!). Those are the dials that are on the plane dashboard. Although, now he tells me they're all screens! Instant antique?? And on the right was for my FIL, the hunter.

These were for DIL, on the left. Hopefully it matches their bedroom! And friend K on the right. Celtic knotwork and in her colors!

These both were for DGD A. The one on the right, with the penguins, is for her small travel pillow. She picked this fabric out of my stash.

And these were for DGD L. She picked out the kitties-in-the-teacups fabric from my stash. She unfolded it and put it on the floor, then she layed on it to see if it "worked". Kids are so funny!
Our weather has warmed up to the high 30's/low 40's and gotten back to our "normal" grey and rainy. We still have ice on the lake, but I think it's getting pretty mushy now, although the ducks are still walking on it. We had the white Christmas, which was fun - our first in 30 years! But after a bit, the thrill was gone. Then it finally warmed up, started raining, and the snow disappeared in 2 days. It was quite a shock the other day to wake up and look out the window and see all GREEN!

I've gotten started, again, on this fabric journal I started last summer. It's been sitting on the cutting table, nagging me, but I didn't know quite what I wanted to do. Then other things took priority. I'm sure you know how that goes!

I'm doing each page in a color. This is not for anything in particular, it's a "just because" project. It's kind of an art quilt project - just to get my toes wet in that direction. I'm approaching it as each page is a design unto itself, kind of a mini art quilt. It looked like a small enough project to not be intimidating. Well, I got intimidated! Then I got stalled. Hopefully, I'm un-stalled now.

Anyway, I finally had some ideas on what to do with the "green" page that I was stuck on. It also happened to be the first (only) page I had started. So, I got that finished on Sunday.

Then I got an idea for the "yellow" page, and it's almost done now. Wow, it feels good to get going on this. Hopefully, I can keep up my momentum on the rest of the pages.
Everyone has been discussing what their resolutions will be for 2009 on their blogs. Using up their stash, finishing old UFO's, and so on. I've been thinking about this too. For the last few years, my standard resolution has been "finish up some of my many UFO's". Well, that's been OK. I've gotten some done and some partially done, as in "not quilted". I'm thinking that perhaps I need to be more specific with myself. Take a look at what UFO's I have and actually decide which ones I should finish this year. I think it might help me to focus better. I know I'm not too good at the focusing part. I tend to pick which project to work on next based strictly on if I feel like doing it or not. Mostly, I guess, it's NOT, to be honest.
So, in the next week or so, I'll be going through my old projects and making some decisions. I think I should post them on my sidebar, to really kick myself in the pants and be accountable. I hate that, you know. But maybe it will help. I want my quilting to be fun and kind of off-the-cuff, but that kind of thinking has only led to waaayyyy too many unfinished projects!

Shade is telling me that it's time to get back in the quilt studio and Get Busy! He is sooo right!
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's and that 2009 will be healthy, happy and Quilt-y!


  1. Love the fabric journal. It'll be fun to see all the pages as you do them! Cute yellow exclamation points!!!

  2. happy New Year! Good luck getting those projects finished. I counted - I have 15 that need to be done soonish. wonderful pic of Shade kitty.

  3. I love your fabric journal! It's really wonderful, what great inspiration. Your pillowcases are wonderful, I actually have several (6 or more yards) of the celtic knot fabric in my stash, looks great as a pillow case!

  4. Hi Sharon....YES...it's officially OVER....I just love pillowcases. Aren't they fun to make?? I wish I had a dollar for everyone I have made. It's like everyone begins to expect them...."hey, where's my groundhog day pillowcase"!! It's gotten THAT bad here about the pillowcases. Your's are lovely sharon!!
    Your little kitty is so sweet too!! kinda makes me wish I had one.....well..sorta!

  5. The idea of selecting UFOs to finish this year is very appealing. I know I will not get them all done, but getting more done would be good. Your journal is wonderful. So creative! The kitty is cute, too!

  6. I especially like DGD A's pillowcase on the left in your picture. Wouldn't necessarily go in my bedroom, but it suits my personality! (Which begs the question of whether my bedroom suits my personality, and if not, why not?!)

    Good on you for working on your fabric journal. Did you get another dose of snow today? It was so refreshing to have NORMAL for a couple of days! Now our driveway is a sheet of ice again. :-(


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