Monday, June 02, 2008

My Round Robin and "Quilt Pink"

A little while back, Pam showed her Round Robin quilt. You can see hers here. This was quite a craze for awhile in the 90's. Well, I finally found mine so I can share it with you. This was made in 1994, at the same time as Pam's. (We were in the same quilt guild.) Read her blog to find out all the particulars, if you care to! I started mine with a simple block, the Ohio Star, and enclosed all the fabrics with the block, which was an option with this exchange.
This is the center block.

And a closeup so that you can see the nice quilting! Sorry it's not such a good shot - this was the best of 3 tries.

Here are my blocks for the Quilt Pink quilts this year. My Mom was a breast cancer survivor, and I like to contribute to this cause. I was encouraged to make applique, since the quilts with appliqued blocks will fetch a higher price. I did machine applique. (And, now I see an errant thread on the block! Oh well, such is life.)

This block pattern was taken from an ad in a quilting magazine, which I enlarged on my home printer/copier. I'm pleased with the way these blocks came out! The background fabric is one of the Quilt Pink fabrics. I'm not big on pink, so I had to add the darker shade of pink in the flowers to make me happier!
I went to the Ebay site for the Quilt Pink quilts. The auctions started in early May. Right now there are 4 pages of quilts to bid on. I downloaded a few to show you:

A Monkey Wrench quilt.

One that isn't entirely pink.
I don't know the name of this block, but I really like it! (Anybody know what it is?? If so, please leave me a comment.) Jan at Be*mused made one that you can see here and another one here. This last post includes the how-to (Thanks, Jan!), which is calling to me!

And here's the same pattern in purples and greens. I think I like this one the best!
You can see the rest of the Quilt Pink quilts here. There's also a tote bag and some table runners, for a little less $$.
I know most of us quilters won't buy the quilts since we can make them ourselves, but it's fun to see them.
Many women have been touched by this disease, whether it's themselves or members of their families. I'd like to encourage any quilters that can to make blocks (or even quilts!) for this event next year, especially if you personally know (or are) someone touched by breast cancer. You could even make them this year, right now while you're thinking about it! Many quilt shops have a "Quilt Pink" event in the spring to make quilts in a group setting that are contributed to this cause. They're usually well-advertised. Think about joining them next year.
I really have all the quilts I need (which is separate from want), and my family has had many quilts made and given to them. So I'm feeling like it's time to start using my quilting skills to help some of the charities close to my heart. I hope you'll join me. (As soon as the quilt studio is up and running, that is! I'm getting really antsy to sew something!)
And don't forget to get your mammogram!!

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  1. Sharon, I love that you used purple in your Round Robin. Your applique breast cancer blocks are wonderful. Do you have a picture of the completed quilt? I'm still sewing checkerboards!!!


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