Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Day Late. . .

. . for the Finished By Friday post. Oh well. Life gets in the way some days. *sigh* Anyway, here is what I finished between last Friday and yesterday. Another 4 boxes of fabric unloaded, folded and shelved. Those shelves are starting to fill up! I keep shifting the stacks so that the color I'm working on is near at hand. When I'm all done, I'll arrange them in a more coordinated way. And there's starting to be some room in the Quilt Studio. I think I'm down to the last box of "regular" fabric (as opposed to flannel, fleece, etc). I'm about ready to start rearranging the rest of the room, now that there is more room. It's getting challenging to take the pictures because there's so much stuff in the way on the other side of the room. But soon it will be more open. Yay!!
This is another little stitchery done by my sister (Hi Sal!). I have this one displayed during Spring and Summer. I love the border fabric on this one.
Last night DH and I went with K to a pottery show and sale in The Very Big City. It was lots of fun and very inspiring to see all the wonderful pottery. Three pieces actually came home with us. This is very common among potters - we're each other's best customers! Sad but true. Doesn't matter how much pottery you have at home, sometimes some more has to come home with you. Yes, it's just as bad as fabric. Just heavier! Hee hee!
I was excited to see all the hand-built pottery there (as opposed to wheel-thrown), since I do hand-built too. I could have brought lots more home with me, but it would have been big $$. But this little cup had to come. I love the color (BLUE!) and I love the textures and patterns on it. Very charming and whimsical. And it's comfortable in the hand, so quite useable.

And the artist even put something on the bottom! Very cute!

Well, I'm off to finish that last box of fabric!


  1. You are making great progress. I love those purples in there. Your pottery finds are so neat. I like handmade crafts, and pottery is one that I have never tried. I think it would be so satisfying to make something so pretty from a lump of clay. It's like making a beautiful quilt from a pile of fabric.

  2. wow, your shelves look wonderful. what a beautiful cup - love the markings on it, inc the bottom.


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