Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some Progress!

I'm finally getting some stuff done in the quilt studio! Yay! Last week, DH put together the bookshelves that we got at IKEA. They smelled pretty strongly when they were done, so I opened the window, closed the door, and let them air some.

I've started going through my bins of fabric and sorting them into half yard and larger pieces, fat quarters, and so on. I'm using this book as my guide to the setup of this room. This is the progress I made in 2 hours on Tuesday. Doesn't look like much, does it? I think that was 3 small bins worth.

I don't have any available table space to fold fabric on, and then remembered the ironing board! After standing for about an hour, I got tired, and then remembered the ironing board height is adjustable (Duh!). So I lowered the board, got a chair and continued working. Now it's pretty comfortable to work there.

I got back in there today and got some more done. Here's my "folding station".

As you can see, my furry friends are "helping" me. Shade insisted that he had to sit in/on this bin, which made it only slightly difficult to access.

Here is my sorting setup. The half-yard and larger pieces get folded and put on the shelves. They'll eventually be sorted by color, for the most part. The fat quarters get folded (differently, of course) and put in a bin for now. (I'll deal with them later.) The box is filling with fabric that is smaller than a fat quarter that will get cut up into strips, squares and whatever (Bonnies' Scrap User System). The paper bag is fabric I'm getting rid of. I don't know if I'll give it away or throw it away. Most of it isn't 100% cotton, so I don't know who would want it.

It's been amazingly difficult to give up some of the smaller pieces to get cut up. I keep telling myself that it's not like I'm throwing them away or anything. I will see them again, and they'll be useable. I know the Scrap User's System works well for me, it's just somehow tough to toss the really cute fabrics into that box!

Here's another kitty "helper":
You can see here that I made more progress today. The bins that are on the shelves have the strips, squares, strings, etc. in them. They'll be going in something else eventually.

Here's the photo I took at the end of my session today. Shade hasn't moved from the bin, but the fabric has been leaving, and now he's sinking into the bin. He seems to be saying, "It's mine, all mine!" And, of course, all the fabric does belong to the cats. And all the quilts belong to the cats.

Now I have to start shifting the stuff we shoved to the other side of the room, because the rest of the bins and the boxes of fabric are behind all that stuff and I can't reach it!


  1. That looks like a great setup. I don't have any wall long enough to put all of my shelves in a row. That is going to make it easy to find things, including the cats.

  2. I can see that the kitties were a lot of help to you! I wish I had space like that to have all my fabric in one place. What a pleasure to see it all at once.

  3. Good progress Sharon! I really need to fold and organize all my fabric. It's just too daunting a job. I guess I have to not think of it as a whole. Just do a little at a time. I can't wait to see your finished product!

  4. Love the shelves and your organizing, but the STARS of this post are the furry ones! Cute1

  5. ooh, beautiful. If you're anything like me, will be interesting to see how all that looks in a couple of months... Sweet kitties - sounds like they've got you well trained.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I love to organize so I would love folding and sorting all that fabric! I've read that book (checked it out from my public library) and thought it was great.

  7. Your shelves look wonderful! You will be well organized and ready to sew. Kitty help is alway appreciated! :o)


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