Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Progress!

Well, the yard sale didn't go real well. It was over 90 degrees on Saturday, and I think people either didn't want to go out in the heat, or had better things to do. We had a good time, but didn't sell but about $20 or so worth of stuff. Oh well. The heat was overwhelming for me - I don't do well in that kind of temperature. Fortunately, we were at K's house and she has A/C, so I survived. Wow, it was really hot! Today we're back to a high of about 55 and rainy! I'm happy with that! DH isn't. He was hoping the heat would stay.

Remember how far I had gotten on the quilt studio here? Well, I've been folding fabric like crazy. I have emptied all my plastic bins, which is only part of the fabric, by the way! Here's what the wall of shelves looks like today:

I think measurable progress has been made! I'm not really going as fast as I would like, but real life gets in the way most of the time. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Here is a closeup on the fabrics folded thus far. It looks like a predominance of plaids because I had 3 bins of plaids!! See that big box by the shelves kind of under the ironing board? That's the next box of fabric in the queue to be unloaded and folded. It is packed to the tippy-top. All of that was from the previous quilt room closet, but by no means is it all that was in the closet. I haven't counted how many boxes I have to unload. That would probably be discouraging!

Here's the other end of the shelves. The plastic bins on the top and the first 2 shelves were full of fabric. They are now full of fat quarters that will end up somewhere else. (Yet to be determined, exactly.)

Here is the first empty spot in the room! Those are bins that were full (to the brim!) of fabrics and are now EMPTY!! The small box used to sit on top of the box that is next to be unloaded. I can actually see the carpet there - Yay! Those other boxes are full of fabric, projects, tools, and who knows what else. Their day will come.

Here is my stack of "discards". The bag on the right is to be disposed of, and the stack on the left is to be cut up into strips, squares and other useful pieces. I had a ton of pieces of plaids. I'm not sure why I was saving them. They were too small to really be useful. Now they will have a purpose and be easy to access. *We won't talk about who will be cutting these up, or when this operation will occur.* One thing at a time!
I'm getting pretty antsy for this all to be done, but for the most part I am enjoying the process. I listen to my mp3 player and sing along with the music, with Shade sitting right next to me, waiting for pets and kisses and taking up all the space he can get away with. He's always there with me! And he doesn't complain about my singing! When I'm all done, I'll have a really good idea of just how much and what fabrics I have. I think that will be a good thing. I hope.

And, just so there is some actual quilt content, here's a little quilt. This was a paper-piecing class at quilt guild one night. We did hand-stitching to make these little 2 inch blocks to learn the technique. Then the teacher took the blocks and made the little quilt with them. Later, she did a drawing of the names of all the people who made the blocks, and I was lucky enough to win! I really enjoy this little scrap quilt - it's so happy and cheerful!


  1. Wow, Sharon - you've gotten a lot of done. It's looking great!

  2. Progress is being made. Pretty soon you will have enough fabric out that you can actually sew from your stash again, instead of HAVING to go out and BUY fabric. What an awful thing...being forced to go out and buy fabric!

  3. I love sorting and restacking my fabric, great therapy. It will be a little overwhelming when it is done, which group of fabrics to choose for a project, but I love the visual effect of all of the fabric on open shelves (whether I use any of it or not).
    I like the little quilt with the offset rows.


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